Fun facts about Newfoundlands from the BorrowMyDoggy community

Newfoundlands really are the epitome of a gentle giant. Whether you’re thinking of borrowing one or getting your own, we’ve pulled together lots of fun and interesting facts you should know about the breed, courtesy of the Newfoundland owners in our community.

A collage of newfoundland dogs and puppies, part of BorrowMyDoggy's guide to dog breeds.

What is a Newfoundland?

A Newfoundland is a large, docile dog with a mild guarding instinct. The history of the breed is fairly unsure, but it is thought that they used to be a lot smaller and came in a wide range of colours. Nowadays, they are very large with a thick coat and are nearly always all black, according to The Kennel Club.

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How much exercise does a Newfoundland need?

The Kennel Club recommends up to an hour of exercise every day for Newfoundlands, preferably involving a swim. Newfoundlands are built to swim, with webbed feet, a waterproof coat and great lung capacity. What’s more, they have a different swimming style to normal dogs, pushing their legs up and down underwater to give them more power.

picture of a newfoundland outside

“Agnes is all about swimming. She loves swimming, swimming, swimming, more swimming, running and tug-of-war. You won’t be able to walk anywhere without people coming up and saying hello!" - Toby, Owner of Agnes

What is the temperament of a Newfoundland?

Described as the gentle giant, the Newfoundland is a beautifully calm, sweet and loyal dog. They make a perfect family pet, as well as being used as working dogs. They are great around children, and will often try to play with them, as well as protect them if necessary.

picture of a newfoundland with a toy

“Chester is true to the breed - he loves being around people and other dogs, he’s amazing with children, is incredibly easy going and he’s very well trained." - Kate, Owner of Chester

Are Newfoundlands easy to train?

Providing they are trained from an early age, the Newfoundland is remarkably easy to train and responds well to commands. Because of their size, it is important to make sure they do not take advantage, but this can quickly be overcome with some training.

“Ruby is such a good girl. She is very obedient and just loves children.” - Amy, Owner of Ruby

That being said, here are a few funny quirks that some of our members’ pooches have:

Jenni, Owner of Milton:

“Milton is a big soppy boy who, despite not having a destructive bone in his body, has been known to empty the bin all over the floor.”

Ellie, Owner of Maggie:

“Maggie is a great big hairy bear of a dog who will give you a hand shake for a carrot, and do anything for a piece of cheese!”

Jacqueline, Owner of Rocco:

“Rocco freely offers kisses with his huge tongue to absolutely anyone who will take them.”

Most common Newfoundland names on BorrowMyDoggy:

  • Charlie
  • Bosun
  • Frank
  • Kodi
  • Ted

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High paws to our lovely community for letting us share these facts about their Newfoundlands. Paws crossed you found them helpful :)

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