Royal Dogs

Royal Dogs

Royals across the globe have loved dogs for centuries. We’re looking back on some of the famous dogs owned by Kings and Queens.

Queen Elizabeth II

A happy Corgi with their tongue lolling out of their mouth lying on grass

This list wouldn’t be complete without Queen Elizabeth II and her infamous love of Corgis. The Queen has had 30 spanning from the age of 7 when her father owned a Corgi called Dookie. This includes a number of Cocker Spaniels and ‘Dorgis’ (Daschund x Corgi) which she has bred. Two of her first Corgis even joined her and Prince Phillip on their honeymoon!

Marie Antoinette

A pug with their head titled standing on grass

Marie Antoinette had a Pug named Mops. Mops was a childhood pet and they were sadly separated when she was handed over to France as she had to give up all her Austrian possessions. Thankfully, they were later reunited and Mops lived out the rest of his life in luxury at Versailles.

King Edward VII

King Edward VII was rarely seen away from Caesar of Notts, his favourite Wire Fox Terrier. Despite King Edward’s love of Caesar, the dog was often described as “Stinky” by other people.

Wire Fox terrier wearing a harness lying in the grass

Kamehameha III Of Hawaii

After the death of Kamehameha III Of Hawaii, his English Mastiff Evelaina guarded his tomb day and night. Eventually, after her own death, she was buried in a small coffin next to Kamehameha’s grave so she can continue to protect him for eternity.

An English Mastiff lying in the grass looking at the camera

King Charles II

It is no surprise that King Charles II was a fan of Spaniels. Of course, he had a breed named after him, but did you know that he issued a decree to allow his dogs everywhere in the kingdom, including Parliament? The original dog-friendly office!

Spaniel lying in the grass with its tongue lolling

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria had a favourite Pomeranian called Turi. She is also classed as the breeder of the Pomeranians we know today. Previously they were larger but she bred them down to a smaller size. On her deathbed, she asked for Turi, who stayed by her until the end. Queen Victoria was said to have had approximately 35 dogs and they were all buried in the pet cemetery at Sandringham Palace.

Pomeranian sat in grass with wind blowing their fur

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