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Rare Dog Breeds

The world is filled with millions of amazing doggies - which we couldn’t be happier about. But with over 190 recognized dog breeds, we guess it is forgivable to not know about a few. It’s time to brush up. Here are a few rare breeds many of us didn’t know about.


Literal translation: Little caging dog. This spanielesk breed was in vogue in the 17th and 18th century. In fact, they were even featured in Rembrandt paintings. Kookiers were originally bred in Holland as a duck decoy dog. They are noted as being extremely friendly, well behaved and affectionate.

Nala, the Kooikerhondje

Kai Ken

An extremely rare Japanese breed, Kai Ken are known for being natural hunters and effortless climbers. While on a hunt, they have been seen climbing trees to catch their prey (beware squirrels). They are intelligent, agile, reserved with strangers but extremely loyal to their family. The Kai Ken are one of only six breeds that are protected by the Nihon ken Hozonkai, an association that preserves Japanese dogs.


In 1965, the Chinook was in the Guinness book of World records as the rarest breed in the world with only 120 left in existence. In 1981 the breed dwindled to 11. Today, over 400 purebred Chinooks are registered with the U.K.C. Chinooks were originally bred in the United States for drafting and sled dog racing, the Chinook also makes an excellent family dog. Patient, intelligent, and willing to please, the Chinook is known for their affinity to children- heart-melting.

Czechoslovakian Vlcak

Born by crossing a Carpathian wolf and a German Shepherd with the idea of creating attack dogs for special military operations, the breed took a turn for the friendly. This wolf dog has the trainability and temperament of a German Shepard and the strength and endurance of the wolf. Their senses are stronger than your average dog which is why this is not a beginners dog. Loyal, intelligent and in need of lots of exercise.

Tibetan Mastiff

Ok, so you may have heard of as it was recently in the news as the most expensive dog ever. A Red Tibetan Mastiff was recently sold to a businessman in China for over £1 million. When fully grown, a Tibetan Mastiff can weigh over 20 stone.The breed is highly intelligent, stubborn, sensitive to human moods and loving.

Ecko, the Tibetan Mastiff

Doggy member Ecko

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