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The cost of dog ownership

If you’re thinking about becoming an owner there are quite a few things to consider before getting a dog. One main factor is cost. Dog ownership is a large financial commitment, and there are a number of costs and expenses to consider before you think about bringing fido home - find out below.

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The Money Advice Services states that over their lifetime you can, on average, splash around £21,000 on your dog, and this can also highly depend on their breed. Before you start getting a pen and paper out to try and crunch the numbers, our friends at Admiral have created a handy dog cost calculator. The pawsome tool works out ruffly the annual cost of your future dog and takes into account a number of factors to consider.

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It’s important to think about the following:

  • One-off costs: such as the purchase or adoption of a puppy or adult dog, microchipping and neutering.
  • Ongoing costs: this includes food, flea and worm treatment, vet bills, annual vaccinations, insurance, grooming, pet passports if you travel abroad, Kennel Club registration for a pedigree and training sessions.
  • Accessory costs: things like collars, leads, shampoo, brushes, comfortable bedding, feeding bowls, poo bags - the list goes on!

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Although dog ownership can be expensive, the benefits of bringing a furry member into the family are huge, from reducing stress, improving physical and mental health to increasing social interactions - they truly enrich our lives. But if you’re still uncertain about dog ownership you can also learn a lot about the responsibilities involved by joining BorrowMyDoggy. By signing up as a borrower you can help take care of local dogs, get to know a variety of different breeds and experience what dog ownership is really like.

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Whether you’re looking into dog ownership or you’re interested in being a borrower, our pawsome team are always here and happy to help if you need us. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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