Things To Do With Your Dog on Valentine's Day
Things To Do With Your Dog on Valentine's Day

Things To Do With Your Dog on Valentine's Day

The day of expressing love to your nearest and dearest is approaching, that’s right, Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. While we often share gifts and cards with our significant others we may forget about our favourite furry friends. So to help show love to our dogs, we’ve put together a few top tips to help you treat your pup this Valentine’s Day.

Make them a special treat

Doggy member Esme

How about making your favourite pup a tasty treat? It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant, we have some simple homemade dog recipes for you to try or you can treat them to something from your local pet or grocery store. We’re sure they’ll love it.

Spend some extra time with them

Cute cockapoo standing on the knees of their owner

We know our dogs love us, so what would make their day even better than spending an extra hour or, even half an hour, with their favourite human? How you spend the time with them is up to you. Do their favourite thing, like a game of fetch or tummy rubs. Whatever it may be, it’s guaranteed to make them happier.

Take them on an extra long walk

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Following from our last tip, why not take your pup on an extra special walk? Try going to a new places so they can explore, and of course take in all the new and exciting smells. Spend extra time on your walk and we’re sure there will be some extra happy tail wags.

Give them a gift

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Gift giving is common on Valentine’s Day so we think your pup deserves something too. Again, you don’t have to splash the cash. You can make a dog toy using stuff you may already have in the house, like this tennis ball t-shirt tug toy. Or if you really want to spoil them, head to their favourite pet shop and let them choose a toy.

Bath time

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While a bath might not sound like your dog’s favourite activity, it’s important that we keep them clean. Why not use this day to spruce them up, this can include a bath or clean their teeth. It may not be the easier or most fun activity but a healthy pup is a happy pup - they’ll thank you in the long run.

Keep them safe

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While we’d love Valentine’s Day to be solely about dogs, it’s a human holiday after all. That means human treats, including chocolate and alcohol, will be around your home which definitely aren’t dog friendly. Make sure you keep these out of your dogs reach and keep an eye on them, especially those dogs that love to scavenge in your bin!

Take them on a doggy date

Dog and human sitting at an outdoor cafe

If you fancy treating yourself at the same time as your doggy pal, why not try out a dog-friendly restaurant, cafe or bar?

Some of them hold special dog events or provide dog menus. If you have one in your local area, why not check out a dog cafe where the whole menu is tailored to your doggy pal. Whilst you’re out, why not treat them to a shopping spree and pick up some cute accessories, toys or more treats from a local dog boutique?

This Valentine's we're asking... What is love? Watch this heartwarming video and find the answer...

And there we have it! We hope these tips might spark some ways to treat your pup this Valentine’s Day. Feel free to let us know any other ways you like to treat your dog on Facebook or contact us here. And happy Valentine’s Day pups!

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