Stanley the Jack Russell Terrier poised and ready to begin his Easter egg hunt in the garden

Dog Easter Egg Hunt

18 May 2023

Reviewed by Dr Jill McMaster BVM&S MBA MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon and in-house expert at BorrowMyDoggy on 18 May 2023

Want to take part in a fun activity with your dog this Easter? Try a fun Easter egg hunt just for your dogs!

Below are the instructions on how we created the Easter egg hunt you can see in the video above. Not only is it enjoyable for you, but it’s a great enrichment activity for your pooch!

You will need:

  • Plastic, hollow eggs 🥚
  • Treats (or dog-friendly Easter eggs) 🪺
  • A safe, enclosed space like your garden 🪴
  • One or more dogs! 🐶

Safety First

If you want to do an Easter Egg hunt with your pooches, make sure the eggs you use aren't too small that they could potentially choke your dog. Also if your dog is one to eat something whole, chew up plastic and/or not drop the egg so you can give them their treats etc, we definitely recommend not using the plastic eggs. Why not just hide some dog-safe treats in the garden instead for an alternative Easter treat hunt?

Step 1:

Start by assembling the treat eggs.

Place one of your dog’s favourite smelly treats inside the hollow plastic eggs. How many you put together will depend on how many dogs are participating in the hunt and how big the treats are. We made 13 for 3 pups which allowed for a clear winner!

If you don’t have any plastic eggs or there's a chance your dog will chomp on or swallow on a plastic egg, you can just scatter and hide the treats around the garden as they are, or pop them in a small cardboard box you might have laying around the house.

Step 2:

Let the dogs sniff the eggs so they know what they are looking for and can follow the scent.

This will also get them excited for the hunt and they will be eager to get started once you have hidden the eggs.

Step 3:

It is time to hide the eggs! Aim for places where your dog can safely reach the eggs like shrubbery or tall grass. Try not to let them see where you hide them so they need to rely on their nose for searching.

Step 4:

Set a timer for approximately 5 minutes and let the hunt begin.

Keep an eye on your dogs as they find the eggs to make sure they break them open and don’t put the whole egg in their mouth.

Remember to keep a score of how many eggs each dog finds if they are competing.

Once all the eggs have been found it is time to relax after their hard work! We decided to reward our pooches with a dog-friendly easter egg. 

Remember: Chocolate is toxic to dogs so don’t feed them any of your Easter eggs.

We hope you have a yappy Easter! Feel free to tag us or share your photos of your dog friendly Easter egg hunt on socials!

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