Quiz - How spoilt is your dog?
Just for fun26 April 2022Put it to the test, is your dog spoilt?

Quiz - How spoilt is your dog?

It's no secret we absolutely love our dogs. It is also safe to say that we often spoil them more than (sometimes!) we'd like to admit. But... How spoilt is your dog?

In 2021 a survey revealed the top 10 most spoiled dog breeds in the UK. Topping the list was Dachshunds with an average annual spend of £1787. That is a lot of treats and love!

Following closely behind them were French Bulldogs and Cockapoos.

Your breed didn’t make the list? No problem! Why not take our fun quiz below to find out how spoilt your dog is.

Well? How spoilt is your favourite pooch? Why not share your result with us on Facebook, we'll love to know!

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