April Breed of the Month - Dachshunds
Just for fun28 April 2018April Breed of the Month - Dachshunds

April Breed of the Month - Dachshunds

The end of the month is approaching and that means it’s time for Breed of the Month. We’re celebrating Dachshunds this month, so here are a few fun facts to learn more about the pawsome breed.

Did you know?

  • They were bred 300 years ago in Germany to hunt badgers.
  • Their name means “badger hunter”.
  • They come in 15 colours.
  • They come in three different sizes and also 3 different coat types.
  • They were the first Olympic Mascot for the 1872 Munich Olympics.

Dachshunds are a lively, playful and clever breed, and have the reputation for being a but on the stubborn side. They are popular choice with families with older children and city dwellers. They also tend to need regular grooming, but this depends on their fur type.

Here are some of our Dachshund members:

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