Happy Valenpaws Day!

How to celebrate Valentine's Day with your dog

Dr David Tweedle - BVetMed MRCVS

Because we all love our dogs way more than any of the humans in our life, Dave Tweedle, My Family Vets Vet and Clinical Director and Natures Vet Clinic in Somerset, talks about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them…

Go outside!

You can’t go about treating your dog, or showing them just how much you love them, without taking them for a walk. 

As it’s a special occasion, why not spice things up a bit? Do two laps of the field instead of one? Go somewhere new and exciting? Perhaps you can bring extra toys with you or even play some games while you’re out?

Play games

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop when you get home (and get your dog’s feet dried!). Whatever your dog’s favourite game is – doing tricks for treats, fetch or tug of war – make sure to pencil in some time for that.

BorrowMyDoggy white shepherd dog with a football
Doggy member Lexie

Give your dog a gift

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to expand your dog’s toy collection. It might tie in with their favourite game, or perhaps it’ll be something new altogether. 

If you’re heading out for a romantic meal with your human companion, consider a puzzle feeder or activity toy for your dog – they’ll have so much fun with one of those, they won’t even realise you’re gone!

Watch a movie

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like cuddling up on the sofa in front of a movie. And the best part is… your dog will let you choose the movie.


Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without delicious treats – for dogs as well as humans. Why not visit your vet for their recommendation on the tastiest and healthiest snacks for your dog? Or give a Recipaws a go?

And remember, lots of popular human foods are toxic to dogs. When you’re enjoying your own Valentine’s celebrations, make sure to keep chocolate, sugar-free sweets, alcohol, flowers and fatty foods well out of your dog’s way. 

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