BorrowMyDoggy - An Alternative to Dog Sitting

As an alternative to traditional dog sitters, BorrowMyDoggy borrowers give local dogs extra walks, exercise and love simply because they love dogs, not because it’s their job.

BorrowMyDoggy offers dog owners a local, personalised and more cost effective way to ensure their dog has great quality of life. Dogs enjoy a happier life by receiving more 1:1 attention, love and exercise.

Most dog owners cannot be with their dogs all of the time due to work and family commitments. There are also many dog lovers who cannot currently own a dog of their own because of time, space, or resources. Thankfully, many of these dog lovers are BorrowMyDoggy borrowers and would love to volunteer their time to take local dogs for one on one dog sitting.

“BorrowMyDoggy has been similar to hiring a babysitter. Our borrowers aren’t doing it because it’s their job, they’re doing it because they miss having a dog and they love dogs.” - Caroline, Posey’s owner

Watch Scout’s quick video to see why BorrowMyDoggy has been a great option for their family and why his owner says “Scout’s now getting so much socialisation and exercise. He’s not just a happy dog, but also a manageable dog in a way that he wasn’t before.” And as his borrower JD says, “As opposed to a dog sitter, I’ve really formed a bond with Scout and his family. It’s more of an intimate connection.”

Borrowers who join BorrowMyDoggy do so for their love of dogs, not to get paid. At the same time, BorrowMyDoggy owners get peace of mind knowing their dog is enjoying extra exercise and dog care from a verified, insured dog lover who loves dogs as much as they do.

We take safety and security very seriously and believe that dogs truly are family members and as such, BorrowMyDoggy is all about getting to know other dog lovers really well before making a match. Just as you would with a dog walker or dog sitter, it's super important to know each other well before a dog is taken care off by another person because everyone, including the dog, needs to feel happy and trust each other since each pooch and person is different.

“We know there’s always someone there who can look after George and they’re local to us. He’s with them one on one and able to build a relationship with someone who’s specifically interested in him.” - Katherine and Peter, George’s owners

Our owners have shared how BorrowMyDoggy is a more affordable option than doggy daycare and dog walkers, especially as our annual membership includes several beneficial services, including our 24/7 Vet Line and third party liability insurance protection, which covers the owner and subscribed borrowers when taking care of a subscribed BorrowMyDoggy dog.

Before leaving your dog with a local borrower, owners fill out and share the Borrowing Info Sheet. This includes important information, from vet’s name and address to eating habits and exercise routines, to ensure dogs receive the best care possible

To find your dog a loving dog sitter for extra walks, sign up and begin messaging pawtential matches in your area.

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BorrowMyDoggy connects dog owners with local volunteer borrowers for walks, holiday care and dog sitting. It’s simple, affordable and safe.

All members take our safety checks before connecting and membership includes access to a 24/7 Vet line and accident and third-party liability insurance.

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