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Local vets in Manchester

Whether you are dog sitting in Manchester or borrowing a dog you may be looking a local vet.

Manchester PDSA Pet Hospital

Close to Old Trafford is Manchester PDSA Pet Hospital, who’s staff are a godsend when it comes to caring for sick and injured pets.

Park Veterinary Clinic

Towards the north of Manchester city centre you can try the Park Veterinary Clinic which is part of the Regan Veterinary Group. The team have been caring for pets for many years and are dedicated to providing high quality compassionate healthcare.

Vets Now Hospital Manchester

A popular choice for the locals is the Vets Now Hospital Manchester, located just slightly north-west of the city and serves the Greater Manchester region. Their friendly team of dedicated specialist referral vets and emergency clinicians are there to help your doggy in an emergency or provide support.

With your BorrowMyDoggy membership you are covered not only by our accident and third party liability insurance but you’ll have access to a 24/7 Vet Line that both owners and borrowers can call. Whilst your pooch is with your borrower, they can call the vet line with any questions or concerns and can advise what to do. Owners are also able to ask them for any advice they need.

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