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How to find your fur-ever friend at a dog rescue in Cambridge

9 January 2023

Finding your fur-ever family member at a dog rescue in Cambridge can be an exciting yet daunting experience. With so many dogs in need of homes, it requires thoughtful consideration and research to determine which breed or mix will fit into your home and lifestyle.

So if you’re ready to rescue, or want to take a look at what is involved with adopting a rescue dog? Find out more about local rescue charities in Cambridge and the surrounding area today!

Rowan the Cross Breed sitting on a walk wearing an orange harness
Rowan the Cross Breed

Dog rescues in Cambridge(shire)

Woodgreen Pets Charity

πŸ”— Site:

πŸš€ Location: ​​Kings Bush Farm, London Rd, Godmanchester PE29 2NH

🏷 Summary: At Woodgreen, they are committed to helping pets and their parents live the best lives possible. They strive to give vulnerable animals a chance at finding loving homes, while also providing vital services that will help pet owners be successful in their care taking.

If you’re wanting to visit Woodgreen rescue centre, please remember that you have to book an appointment in order to ensure that everyone gets the attention they deserve!

By partnering with devoted animal lovers and passionate professionals alike, Woodgreen is working towards making sure all furry friends experience happy, healthy lives surrounded by those who truly care, so take a look at what they have to offer.

Sadie the Cross Breed sitting in the snow!
Sadie the Cross Breed

RSPCA Cambridge

πŸ”— Site:

πŸš€ Location: 1 Pool Way,

Whitehill Road,



🏷 Summary: The RSPCA Cambridge branch is committed to promoting animal welfare and reducing the suffering of pets in the local community. Like RSPCA centres over England and Wales, the team at the Cambridge branch strive to provide care for animals in need while helping them find loving homes.

They also offer treatment for sick and injured stray animals, as well as a small animal clinic that allows owners with limited financial means to receive veterinary treatment. By uniting passionate animal lovers and experts, the organisation works towards making sure every pet has access to a happy and fulfilling life – no matter their circumstances or start in life.

Block Fen Animal Centre

πŸ”— Site:

πŸš€ Location: Block Fen Drove, Wimblington, March PE15 0FB

🏷 Summary: Block Fen gives animals a second chance and offers them the care they need. Many of the animals have been rescued from difficult environments, leaving them scared and in need of extra support. The team at Block Fen works hard to provide these animals with shelter, nutrition, love, and individualised care plans - all while preparing them for their new furever homes.

At any given time, over 150 cats, dogs, rabbits, and other domestic animals are under the centre’s care. Block Fen prides itself on providing each animal with a safe haven and a chance at a new life full of happiness and love.

Animal Helpline

πŸ”— Site:

πŸš€ Location: Toll Cottage, Leicester Rd, Wansford, Peterborough PE8 6NN

🏷 Summary: The dogs featured come mostly from either the local streets or owners who can no longer care for them. Despite their various breeds, ages and backgrounds, these pooches all have one thing in common; a right to be given a second chance with a loving home, comfortable bedding, proper nutrition and a new responsible pet parent who will show them unconditional love for the rest of their lives.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

πŸ”— Site:

πŸš€ Location: 12 Richmond Way. Leverington. Cambridgeshire. PE13 5JX

🏷 Summary: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue, established in 2008 and run by a passionate group of volunteers, works to support abused, abandoned and neglected Staffies by bringing them into their rescue. With three purpose-built kennels and several experienced foster homes, the organisation is always running at full capacity to provide the necessary love and care for these dogs before finding them new furever homes.

Nala and Peanut the Staffordshire Bull Terriers on a walk
Nala and Peanut the Staffordshire Bull Terriers

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