Our guide to dog rescues in Leicester
Molly the Cross Breed on the beach staring intently towards the camera with one ear standing up and one flopped over

Our guide to dog rescues in Leicester

11 January 2023

It's a pup-tastic day in Leicester – there are plenty of rescue centres ready to help you find your doggy soulmate! So, if you're searching for the pawfect companion, be sure to check out these amazing charities. They'll work hard to try and find you the canine companion you've been dreaming of - so why not take the plunge and find out more from them today? And make your home complete by giving a furry pal a furever home!

Ollie the Cross Breed enjoying a game with his furever family in the sunshine

Dog rescues in Leicester

Spaniel Aid UK

πŸ”— Site: https://spanielaid.co.uk/

πŸš€ Location: PO Box 10594




United Kingdom

🏷 Summary:Β  Spaniel Aid is a UK based charity helping out cocker and springer spaniels in need. When they see a pooch who needs help, they step up to the plate and make sure those furry bundles of joy get the love and care they deserve. They reach out to owners who put up their dogs β€œfree to a good home” and offer their assistance to ensure their dog is properly re-homed. They have spaniels looking for new homes all over the UK.

Leicester Animal Rescue

πŸ”— Site: https://leicesteranimalrescue.co.uk/

πŸš€ Location: Tilton Road




United Kingdom

🏷 Summary:  Looking for a new four-legged family member? Look no further than the Leicester Animal Rescue Fairwinds Shelter! We know how important it is to find a pup who has all the love, support and security they need. So, this rescue makes sure each of their furry friends get everything they need for a warm and loving home!

East Midlands Dog Rescue

πŸ”— Site: https://www.eastmidlandsdogrescue.org/

πŸš€ Location: Seine Ln



LE19 4PD

United Kingdom

🏷 Summary:Β  Introducing East Midlands Dog Rescue! They've been rescuing and rehoming abandoned and unwanted dogs and puppies for over 20 years. Their team of foster mums and dads, as well as supportive vet and nursing staff, give these cute canines the help they need to find their forever homes. Plus, they make sure all of the doggos are spayed/neutered to prevent more pups in need. With over 200 rescued pooches a year – it's time you checked out this pawsome charity!

Leicester Animal Aid

πŸ”— Site: https://www.leicesteranimalaid.org.uk/

πŸš€ Location: Forest Road




United Kingdom

🏷 Summary:Β  Calling all dog and cat lovers – Leicester Animal Aid is here to save the day! This rescue and rehoming centre, based just outside of South Leicester's Huncote village, provides a second chance for more than 500 four-legged friends who've been neglected or relinquished by their owners.

The team also makes sure each pooch and kitty gets the food, vet care, love and individual attention they need - no matter how long it takes to find them a furever home. With dedicated foster parents on hand and loads of advice available for pet owners, this charity was founded with one goal in mind - to make sure all pets get the happy home they deserve!

Goose the Cocker Spaniel pup snuggled up on a cream blanket

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