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Are dogs good for children?

13 July 2023

Whether you dog is borrowed or owned, our kids love spending time with their fuzzy friends. But as much as they love them, the impawtant question is, are dogs good for children?

Studies show spending time with dogs helps our children to exercise more. They also reduce loneliness by adding companionship to a child's life. And it's not only that, dogs have been shown to make young people open up more, with child therapists using dogs in sessions to help kids feel more comfortable.

We asked our community, what borrowing a dog has done for their children:

My kids would love a dog but I’m not in a position to get one so this is fantastic. We have a regular dog that we walk and spend time with at our house. Best thing is it has got one of my kids off his Xbox and out in the fresh air… happy days! BorrowMyDoggy has been a great experience for us.

- Doodle's borrower, Melissa

Doggy member, Doodle staring out in the distance on a walk
Doggy member, Doodle

BorrowMyDoggy is great for getting the kids outdoors, rain or shine! We are so lucky to have met Cooper and his owner and are really grateful for her letting us borrow her doggy.

- Cooper's borrower, Kim

Doggy member, Cooper enjoying a walk with his borrowers
Doggy member, Cooper

I joined BorrowMyDoggy because my daughter, Cara, was diagnosed with PTSD and depression aged 13. Research showed that dogs had helped people in these situations, either with panic attacks or general stress, and that’s where BorrowMyDoggy comes in. We matched with Tonje and her Dachshund, Pelvina. The effect BorrowMyDoggy has had on my daughter is amazing - it really has changed our lives.

- Pelvina’s borrower, Adele

Doggy member, Pelvina enjoying some time at her borrowers
Doggy member, Pelvina

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Are dogs good for children?

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Are dogs good for children?

Are dogs good for children?

Our kids love spending time with their fuzzy friends. But as much as they love them, the important question is, are dogs good for children?