A scruffy, small, black and golden dog with little, triangular flopped ears and a fluffy muzzle, lies stretched out on the grass with their back legs behind them and forelegs in front of them. The cute pooch lies next to a green, bobbly toy that is of similar size to the dog's head!

Welsh Terrier

The Welsh Terrier is thought to be one of the oldest and purest of all terrier breeds. They are believed to share ancestry with the Lakeland Terrier but exactly where they came from remains a mystery.

If you’d like to learn more about the breed, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered lots of helpful information about the breed with help from the Welsh Terrier owners in the community.

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Geoffrey, the Welsh Terrier from Brighton

Another doggy member, Rosie, owned by Sophia, definitely sounds like a true Welshie:

“Rosie loves life, company, walks and other dogs. She's very happy to relax and potter around the house - it won't take too long for her to feel comfortable in new surroundings and once she does she really likes to relax or play. Equally she loves walks, chasing pigeons and squirrels and just generally being included in what you're doing. The most important thing for her is company, whether it's relaxing at home or out and about. Rosie is completely non aggressive and child friendly, she's a soft[ie].”

What is a Welsh Terrier?

First called the 'Welsh Black and Tan Rough Coated Terrier' - very fitting for their appearance - their name is now shortened to Welsh Terrier for ease. They were bred to hunt vermin, such as foxes, rats and badgers. Welsh Terriers quickly became a popular companion and family dog. They aren’t your typical terrier character - they are perceived to be far more affectionate.

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Henry, a Welsh Terrier puppy who has perfected his “sit” for the camera

How much exercise does a Welsh Terrier need?

Despite their small size, Welsh Terriers are an energetic breed needing just over an hour’s exercise each day. As well as daily walks, they need plenty of access to a garden.

Walks should also be varied with lots of new places and smells to explore to keep them excited and interested.

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This is doggy member, Dylan, getting ready to chase those waves

Dylan, is described by his owner as:

a super happy, bouncy little Welshie who loves people and other dogs and has a pretty permanent waggy tail going on! He's full of fun but not keen on cats and a little too 'tigger bouncy' for little ones. He loves walks, pubs, coffee bars, play and company!

Bridget says her pup, Eric:

is a loveable, handsome teddy bear with attitude...or personality? Also known as HRH Prince of Wales....well he is a Welsh Terrier!

What about temperament?

Welsh Terriers are a very affectionate breed who form strong bonds with their owners. They want to be involved in everything and are very eager to please. They can be nervous with strangers but very rarely show any sort of aggression - it seems they just like to take their time getting comfortable with people.

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Tilly, the Welsh Terrier - a BorrowMyDoggy member

Welshie owners from the BorrowMyDoggy community have given some insightful comments on their teddy-like terriers.

Doggy member, Chuck is:

Mr Academic, quiet and thoughtful, but will happily nuzzle up for a nap when he's finished plotting his next scheme.

Owner, Lyndsey, says her Welshie, Betsan, is:

a real terrier at heart, she’s intelligent and feisty but very loving and good-natured. She loves to play with other dogs and also likes a cuddle on the sofa after a good run. When not distracted her recall is 99% but if she sees another dog in the distance she goes deaf!

Tracey’s dog, Holly:

loves everyone, happy to cuddle and loves lots of cuddles and strokes, she loves the outdoors and walks, but these days likes to sniff more on her gentle walks ! Other days she wants to walk for ages.

Are they easy to train?

Welsh Terriers are an intelligent breed but can be rather stubborn - training must start early and be consistent.

Anne’s dog Millie sounds like the perfectly trained dog:

“Millie is a very loving and playful Welshie. She adores chasing a ball, going for a walk, playing tug of war, or snuggling up on the couch and having a good nap! She is well behaved, she doesn't beg for food and doesn't bother us while we are eating. She is very good walking on a lead and only barks if someone comes to the door. She is calm in the house and is good around children and other dogs.”

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Millie, putting her best paw forward

Thanks to the Welsh Terrier (and owners) from the BorrowMyDoggy community for sharing their wooftastic photos and quotes.

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