A small dog with a thick, wiry, black and golden coat, rectangular shaped head and triangular ears, is walking through the grass, with their tongue curled up towards their nose as they approach for a treat.

Lakeland Terrier

The Lakeland Terrier is a mischievous, cheeky and very entertaining breed of terrier.

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Nellie's fur is all swept back from her face as she faces a stiff breeze. She's standing on a pebble beach.

What is a Lakeland Terrier?

Lakeland Terriers originated in the Lake District and were initially bred to work in mines and on farms as hunting dogs. They are a confident and energetic breed that will always provide constant entertainment.

Unfortunately, they are listed as a vulnerable breed according to the Kennel Club, so there's a waiting list if you are planning on getting a Lakeland Terrier puppy.

Fun fact about Lakeland Terriers, if you are a fan of Cath Kidston products then they may look familiar. Cath owned a Lakeland Terrier called Stanley who features in lots of her prints and products!

Bob has blonde, curly hair and small, floppy ears. He's lying on grass with a toy and his tongue out

How much exercise does a Lakeland Terrier need?

Lakeland Terriers are a high energy breed and need up to 1 hour a day of exercise. As well as daily walks, they need lots of mental stimulation and attention in between. They like to be able to explore whilst out on walks so variety is essential. Take them somewhere new on the weekends so they can be stimulated by new smells.

If your Lakeland Terrier is getting a bit bored and could do with some variety, why not find a borrower for them who can take them for some new weekend walks and extra attention?

A cute, young blonde pup is standing in a meadow of long grass and wildflowers

Emma’s says her Lakeland Terrier, Reggie, is “very chilled out, he's his own man and likes to do things on his terms. He's not a cuddly dog but is still very affectionate. He loves walks anywhere, and he rides out with me and my horse 3 times a week.”

What is the Lakeland Terriers temperament?

Lakeland Terriers are known to be the perfect dog for families because of their loyal natures. They form strong bonds with family members and will want to constantly be with you to keep you all smiling.

They do have a lot of energy and, as like most terriers, can get bored easily if left on their own which then leads to mischievous behaviour. They need a home where they will be showered with love and attention!

Colin has a curly, blonde coat. He looks very comfy lying on top of a crate covered in a blanket

Doggy member, Henry is “a lazy dog in the house and curls up in his bed most of the day, but loves a cuddle or just sitting close by. His loves walks but not very good at bringing a ball back, he won't let go!”

Are Lakeland Terriers easy to train?

Despite being very intelligent, they don’t have the best attention span and can be fairly stubborn making training quite difficult. They are not advised for first time dog owners or people unfamiliar with the breed. If not trained early, Lakeland Terriers can become dominant and end up being rather difficult to control.

A small, black and tan dog with a wavy coat is standing on a gravel path in a garden

Josephine’s Lakeland Terrier puppy, Bonnie, “loves going for long walks and playing fetch. She is a beautiful cuddly teddy bear of a dog and just wants as much love and attention as possible. She is quite good off the lead and loves racing about the fields smelling all the smells.”

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