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29 August 2023

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Let’s talk about… Cavapoos: what are they?

  • Cavapoos, also known as Cavoodles, are a delightful crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.
  • They are a popular choice for those looking for a small, affectionate, and low-shedding companion.
  • Cavapoos inherit desirable traits from both parent breeds, resulting in a charming and friendly dog.
  • They have become increasingly popular due to their hypoallergenic coats and loving nature.
  • Cavapoos are known for their intelligence and are often used as therapy dogs due to their gentle and empathetic nature.
  • They come in various sizes, depending on the Poodle parent's size.
  • On average, they can reach a height of 25-35 cm and weigh between 5 and 10 kg.
  • Their life expectancy typically ranges from 12 to 15 years.
Cavapoo  Exercise Needs 2/5 Grooming Ease 2/5 Trainability 4/5

What is the temperament of Cavapoos like?

  • Cavapoos have an affectionate and friendly temperament, making them excellent family pets and companions.
  • They tend to be social and enjoy being around people, including children and other animals.
  • Their loving nature makes them well-suited for various households, from singles and couples to families with children.
  • Cavapoos are known for their intelligence and eagerness to please, which makes them highly trainable.
  • They respond well to positive reinforcement training methods and enjoy mental stimulation through interactive games and learning new commands.
Doggy member Coco, the Cavapoo, sitting on the decking in the garden

How much exercise do Cavapoos need?

  • Cavapoos have moderate exercise needs and typically require around 45-60 minutes of exercise per day.
  • This can be achieved through daily walks, playtime in a securely fenced yard, or engaging in interactive activities such as fetching or puzzle toys.
  • They also enjoy mental stimulation, so incorporating training sessions or nose work games can keep them mentally engaged.
  • When it comes to Cavapoo puppies, it's important to provide age-appropriate exercise.
  • Puppies have developing bones and joints and should not be overexerted. Short play sessions and supervised exploration in a safe environment are suitable for young Cavapoo puppies.
  • As they grow older and their bodies develop, their exercise levels can gradually increase.
  • By around 12 months of age, most Cavapoos can handle exercise at an adult level.
  • Your vet can advise on the exercise needs of your Cavapoo.

Do Cavapoos need a lot of grooming?

  • Cavapoos have a coat that can vary in texture and length, depending on the genetics inherited from their Poodle parent.
  • They typically have a low-shedding, hypoallergenic coat, which makes them suitable for individuals with allergies. However, it's important to note that no dog is truly hypoallergenic, and individual reactions may vary.
  • Grooming requirements for Cavapoos can range from moderate to high, depending on their coat type.
  • Regular brushing is necessary to prevent matting and keep their coat in good condition.
  • A slicker brush or a comb with wide-spaced teeth can be used to remove any tangles or loose hair.
  • Cavapoos may require professional grooming every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on their coat length and maintenance needs. Consult with a professional groomer for guidance on maintaining your Cavapoo's coat.
  • Like any dog, regular tooth brushing with a dog-specific toothpaste twice daily is ideal. If you can’t manage that often, just do it as often as you can.
Doggy member Milli, the Cavapoo, enjoying a cliff side walk on a lovely day in spring

What do Cavapoos eat?

  • Cavapoos should be fed a balanced and nutritious diet suitable for their size, age, and activity level.
  • High-quality commercial dog food formulated for small or medium-sized breeds is typically a good choice. The recommended amount of food will depend on factors such as their weight, metabolism, and exercise routine.
  • Most do well being fed twice daily.
  • Cavapoo puppies have specific dietary needs for growth and development.
  • They should be fed a specially formulated puppy food until they reach approximately 12 months of age. These puppy foods provide the necessary nutrients and calories to support their growth.
  • As they transition into adulthood, gradually switch them to an appropriate adult dog food.
  • Your vet can provide specific dietary recommendations for your Cavapoo.
  • It's important to monitor their weight and adjust portion sizes accordingly to prevent overfeeding and obesity.
Doggy member Olive, the Cavapoo pup, sitting on the paved steps in the garden

Are Cavapoos healthy?

Cavapoos are generally healthy dogs, but like any breed, they may be prone to certain health conditions. Being a mixed breed, Cavapoos can have a more diverse genetic background, which may reduce the risk of inheriting certain breed-specific health issues. However, they may still be susceptible to health concerns that can affect both Cavaliers and Poodles.

Some of the health issues that may affect Cavapoos include:

Bones and Joints

  • Hip Dysplasia - a condition where the thigh bone and pelvis do not sit together properly at the hip joint, which can lead to discomfort and arthritis
  • Luxating patella - this is when a dog’s kneecap moves out of where it should normally be


  • Cataracts - a common cause of blindness due to a clouding of the lens of the eye
  • Dry eye - an ongoing condition where the tear glands in the eyes don’t produce enough protective tear film, which can lead to discomfort, infections and damage of the eye


  • Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) - a common heart condition in small breed dogs that affects the heart's valves, leading to progressive heart failure.


  • Syringomyelia - where fluid-filled cavities develop in the spinal cord, which can cause pain and neurological symptoms.


  • Atopy - when the immune system overreacts to an allergen and results in skin irritation.

This list is by no means comprehensive. If you have any concerns about the health of your dog or if you want to discuss further if a Cavapoo is right for you, consult with your vet.

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Information on this page should never replace advice given by your veterinarian. Potential health issues presented are given as a guide only and are not meant to be comprehensive. If you ever have any concerns about your dog’s health, contact your local vet.

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