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If you’re looking for a family-friendly dog, then the Cavapoo is for you. In fact, they were bred for just that! Whether you’re thinking of borrowing one or getting your own, we’ve pulled together lots of fun and interesting facts you should know about the breed, courtesy of the Cavapoo owners in our community.

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What is a Cavapoo?

A Cavapoo is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. They were originally bred in Australia in the late 1990’s, with the aim of creating a non-shedding dog that would be perfect for families.

How much exercise does a Cavapoo need?

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Cavapoos require a moderate amount of exercise, making them the perfect breed for a variety of owners. To keep the breed healthy, it is recommended to give them one walk a day.

Wilma is a small Cavapoo and is very content with a 30 minute walk every day.

- Jenny, owner of Wilma.

What is the temperament of a Cavapoo?

Cavapoos’ temperaments are said to be like their looks: gentle and loving. Their loyalty makes them the perfect dog for families and they absolutely adore children. Given they are a cross, their temperament can vary slightly based on their parents.

Walt is such a loveable dog - he adores cuddles, company, socialising and treats.

- Ashleigh, owner of Walt.

Are Cavapoos easy to train?

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The Cavapoo is an intelligent breed of dog and responds well to training. A top tip is to keep your Cavapoos’ training as light-hearted and fun as possible.

Scooby is very well trained and won all the prizes at his puppy training classes!

- Helene, owner of Scooby.

That being said, here are a few funny quirks that some of our members’ Cavapoos have:

Emma, owner of Ruby:

Ruby LOVES a cheese treat.

Nicola, owner of Rudy:

Rudy is such a charming pup we never manage to get anywhere without someone stopping us for a cuddle, which he LOVES.

Sarah, owner of Milo:

Milo loves chasing birds, except he’s never caught one and I’ve got no idea how he’d react if he did.

Most common Cavapoo names on BorrowMyDoggy:

  • Poppy
  • Alfie
  • Teddy
  • Charlie
  • Bella
  • Ruby
  • Lola
  • Buddy
  • Oscar
  • Bertie

BorrowMyDoggy borrower Victoria joined because she misses her family dog, and matched with Crumpet, the gorgeous Cavapoo. She shares how BorrowMyDoggy has helped her get out more in her community.

High paws to our lovely community for letting us share these facts about their Cavapoos. Paws crossed you found them helpful :)

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