Indoor Dog Games for a Rainy Day
Indoor Dog Games for a Rainy Day

Indoor Dog Games for a Rainy Day

8 December 2022

The British weather is rather unpredictable, so whether we like it or not there are a few rainy days, which mean that us humans and our doggies have to either brave the outdoors or stay inside. Staying indoors often means that your dog might have nothing to do to ease their boredom - and might take to making their own fun through destroying furniture or even annoying the cat!

So we’ve got some ideas for you; some activities for dogs who are in need for some indoor entertainment.

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Give Them Attention

If they are running riot around the house they are most likely trying to get attention from you or another family member. Try some training with them, reinforcing basic commands that you are currently teaching them and mix that in with some playtime.

This way they are getting the affection they need whilst learning and using some of that boundless energy. It’ll certainly keep them busy as they would much rather socialise and have fun with you than on their own, so if you have the time to spare, play with them for a while and they will soon calm down afterwards.

Take Them for a Trip

For dogs that don't like to walk in the rain, a trip to a local dog friendly shop (local garden centres are often a good bet) can be a good bit of exercise for them and you can get some shopping done at the same time.

In some places there are indoor parks that allow dogs to run around and play together in a controlled environment so it may be worth you checking a local one out. Then when the weather gets rubbish your dog can still meet other dogs and have a great fun playtime!


A fantastic way for you and your pooch to spend some quality time together is to get some grooming done. Nails and fur might need trimming, they could be in need or a good brush, or why not give them a cleansing bath.

Even if you’re not into giving your dog the whole spa treatment, it’s still a good time to get a little grooming done so they're ready for when the weather has cleared up, and they can hit the town again looking good and smelling fresh for their friends.

Stairway Relay

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There are plenty of creative games you can play with your dog by using your household furniture, toys and treats that you have to hand. A good example is the stairway dash where your dog is encouraged to run to somebody at the top of the stairs, given a treat and/or a big cuddle, and then encouraged to run back down to the other person who also rewards them.

It’s a great way to burn off some energy and have loads of fun and interaction with people whilst they’re doing it. Just make sure your dog is fit for this game, as it's not suitable for all pups.

Treat Hunting

Bake some homemade treats or buy some and hide them around the house. Your dog should be able to smell them and know they are around but if you are good at hiding them, it’ll keep your dog busy for a good while trying to track them down.

Your pooch might lose interest after a while so just shuffle the ones they haven’t found yet into different locations. Behind doors, under furniture, on the stairs, it all depends on where your dog is allowed to go in the house but you can get creative and even hide them in toys.

The Shell Game

Is a fantastic game for dogs. It’s when you hide a treat underneath one of three cups and shuffle them around allowing your dog to choose one. If correct they receive the treat.

After a while, after positive reinforcement they will actually learn the rules of the game, and realize that if they choose incorrectly they won’t receive a treat. It’ll keep them busy as dogs love nothing more than tasty snacks.

Hide and Seek

Take your dog upstairs or in a room away from where you plan to hide and tell them to “sit” or “stay” and then go hide somewhere in the house. It’s better to start off easy so that they get used to playing this new game. Once you are hidden, call on them to come to you and see them beam with excitement once they've found you.

To keep them excited with this game, make sure to have some treats on you so that you can reward your pet when they find you.

Have a Playdate

Invite your friends and family around for tea and ask them to bring their doggies along with them. It gives your dog a great opportunity to socialise with other dogs and to make friends as they are probably bored inside on the rainy day too. You can also always find another doggy to borrow to play with your pup too.

You can even try some of the games and activities above with multiple doggy players and make it into a party with treats, attention and toys for everyone!

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Thanks to Carl Mclean, dog owner, wildlife enthusiast and blogger, who contributed to this post.

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