How to Travel with Your Dog

To give you a head start on planning your next journey with your dog, here are 4 tips for safe, happy and stress-free travel.

Tip 1: Transportation

Whether your journey includes a train, plane or automobile, here’s a doggy travel checklist:

Traveling with your dog in a Car

  • Before embarking on a long car journey, take your dog on several short trips to ensure they are happy and comfortable with car travel.
  • Keep your dog safe and carsick free in a comfy crate or harness in the backseat. Fetch has several options.

Traveling with your dog on a Train

  • Up to 2 dogs/person are allowed on UK trains free of charge.
  • Dogs must be kept on lead or in a blanket or carrier.
  • Review full train details.

Traveling with your dog on a Plane

Tip 2: Stay Hydrated/Eating

  • Feed your dog up to two hours prior to a long journey to ensure he’s satisfied, but not too full when traveling
  • Make sure you always have water available for your dog. Because they aren’t able to cool down as quickly as humans, they’re more vulnerable to heatstroke and dehydration.

Tip 3: Keeping Busy

  • Dogs can get restless during longer journey, so pack a familiar toy to keep them entertained and stress-free.

Tip 4: Dog-Friendly Accommodations

  • Dogs can get restless during longer journey, so pack a familiar toy to keep them entertained and stress-free.
  • Even if your accommodations are pet-friendly, confirm details ahead of check-in for peace of mind.
  • From seaside holidays and outdoor adventures to city breaks and rural escapes, we’ve got a list of dog-loving hotels, B&Bs and cottages to fit any UK destination.

Put these tips into action and let us know if it helped your dog, owned or borrowed.

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