How do you know you're ready for a dog? Borrow one!
Just for fun4 April 2022National Pet Month - How to test you're ready for a dog of your own

How do you know you're ready for a dog? Borrow one!

April is National Pet Month which promotes responsible pet ownership and in recognition of this important cause, we wanted to share how BorrowMyDoggy can help promote future, responsible dog owners.

We know that being a dog lover but not being able to own a dog can be hard. But, it is really important that you know what dog ownership involves and that you have a suitable lifestyle before bringing a dog into your life.

If you are keen to find out what dog ownership is like or just want to fill the dog-shaped hole in your life, why not try being a borrower on BorrowMyDoggy first? Here are 3 reasons to sign up today.

1) Planning for the future

A Golden Retriever being held on a man's shoulders looking back at camera

BorrowMyDoggy gives you the opportunity to meet different breeds, and to get to know what kind of unique care different dogs need and the demands of dog care.

If you are sure you are ready for a dog but need to convince a loved one or ensure you are prepared, this is the perfect opportunity. Get to know the owner, ask them questions about their dog and spend plenty of time with the dog.

You never know, you might fall in love with a dog breed you would have never gone for before borrowing one!

2) Building relationships

A small fluffy Pomeranian being held close to a woman's chest

If you aren’t ready for dog ownership but are missing spending time with one, signing up as a borrower can fulfil that need. You can build trusting relationships with owners in your local area, spend time with a dog that suits your availability and lifestyle and get all the dog love you crave!

You also have the joy of helping out another person when they're busy too. It's a win, win.

3) Gaining experience

A cute Cockpoo with muddy paws

If you are in two minds about getting a dog and want to know the day-to-day of dog ownership, you can do so as a borrower. Arranging regular dog walks, dog sitting or overnight stays with a dog in your local area provides you with the opportunity to experience the routine. It is good to experience the not so fun and cute parts of dog ownership, like cleaning them up and dealing with dog poop!

Hopefully one of these reasons resonates with you and you will consider becoming a borrower. You’ll be ready to be a responsible owner in no time.

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