Great British Dog Walks
Just for fun19 July 2018Great British Dog Walks

Great British Dog Walks

The summer months open the floodgates for beach goers, but it also means that they close for dogs. Many public beaches have restrictions during summer months that forbid four-legged visitors.

So where can you take your pooch 365 days of the year? Britain is bursting with some great dog-friendly trails. Our friends at GoCompare have searched for the best dog adventures to be had in each British region and shared the below infographic.

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A great dog walk is somewhere that is mutually interesting for you and your furry friend. Each spot has an interesting fact; for example, Catbells Lakeland Walk in the northwest was featured in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The summertime is the best time to bump up the steps on your fitness tracker and each spot shows you the number of steps you’ll take on your travels. Additional steps can be added in chasing your hound, they probably won’t want to leave.

As always ensure your dog is safe and comfortable in the heat. Avoid walking them at peak times and always carry water so they can have a drink to cool down. Keep dogs cool whilst travelling as cars can get really hot, making it an uncomfortable ride for your waggy-tailed friend. You can also read our 10 way to keep your dog cool before you em-bark on an adventure.

If you’re too busy to take your pup out on a great walk this weekend, then why not find a lovely local dog lover who would love to take them for an extra walk? Just for the love of dogs and not for profit! Or perhaps you don't have a dog yet to take on walks. Take a look at the members in your area now.

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