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Virtual dog walk | Mindfulness with Wicket

Mindfulness is a technique which involves paying attention to the present moment and making a special effort to notice what’s happening around you.

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Did you know that in a way, dogs are experts at being mindful? They don’t relive past regrets or worry about future events, and they don’t get that dreaded ‘Sunday feeling’. They truly live in the present moment, using all 5 senses to experience the environment around them.

Here you can see what being mindful looks like from a dog's perspective. Watch doggy member Wicket on a walk to the beach in Norfolk, and notice how she is experiencing the environment around her. She is pausing to listen to the sounds of birds, experiencing the smells drifting in the breeze and enjoying the cool water splash against her fur.

Why not practice being mindful on your next dog walk? And if you don’t have a dog of your own, BorrowMyDoggy might just have your perfect match who would love to join you!

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