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What is BorrowMyDoggy?

BorrowMyDoggy is an online platform dedicated to connecting owners with dog borrowers for walks, weekends or happy holidays. BorrowMyDoggy is passionate about helping dogs get more love and exercise, borrowers get special dog time and owners get the peace of mind that their dog is having fun.

Our goal as a company is pretty simple: we aim to make sure pups get the care, attention and exercise they deserve while connecting local people through the love of dogs.

Dog Walking, Sitting and Day Care in Worcester

Dog Day Care in Worcester

If you’re looking for a dog sitter in Worcester, it can seem a bit overwhelming with all of the choices available. Instead of putting your pup into kennels in Worcester why not find a lovely local borrower to take care of your four legged friend instead. Each one of our borrowers look after dogs simply for the love of dogs rather than to get paid, which is pretty wagtastic.

Dog Sitting in Worcester

Maybe you would love a dog but can’t have one of your own? Why not borrow a dog in Worcester instead. There are so many dogs that would love an extra walk or game of fetch, why not create a profile for free and see if there is a pawsome local pup nearby.

Most popular breeds in Worcester:

  • Cross Breed - Medium
  • Labrador
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Cockapoo

Most loved dog names in Worcester:

  • Ruby
  • Charlie
  • Dotty
  • Poppy
  • Harry

What our members say

“I’ve been walking my borrowed dog, Barney, for nearly a year and it’s great. I live in a flat so can’t have a dog myself. I’m very grateful to his owners for trusting me and letting me walk him whenever I want. I would definitely recommend BorrowMyDoggy to anyone - it’s 100% worth it.” - Barney’s borrower, Sam.

“I refuse to leave my dog, Harry, home alone, but now I can actually achieve things without a guilty complex. One of our main borrowers, Alison, otherwise known as Auntie Alison, has Harry every Tuesday and has done since we first joined BorrowMyDoggy nearly two years ago. She loves him like her own and is 100% reliable - Harry and I both are very fond of her. Many thanks indeed to BorrowMyDoggy.” - Harry’s owner, Sarah.

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Dog Walking in Worcester

Whether you’re visiting or are familiar with the area, there are plenty of great dog walks in Worcester.

Hartlebury Common

Dogs are welcome to be off lead here and you are likely to meet a few other pups out on an adventure. The walk is roughly about 5 miles long and there are lots of places to stop off for a picnic. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for squirrels!

Dumbleton Hall Grounds

If you’re dog sitting in Worcester and are looking for a walk with stunning views then why not head to Dumbleton Hall Grounds. Complete with lakes if your pup enjoys a paddle, as well as a mixture of hills and flat terrain depending on how energetic you and your pooch are feeling.

Severn Way

Another great place to walk a dog in Worcester is Severn Way which takes you along the river Severn. Offering lovely views of the surrounding farmland, there are also plenty of opportunities for your pup to access the river if they are hot or thirsty. You are unlikely to come across many other people whilst on this walk so if you’re looking for some peace and quiet this would be a great choice of walk for you.

Evesham Country Park

As a dog walker in Worcester it’s always nice to find a spot where you can let your pup enjoy a game of fetch and really stretch their legs. With a variety of orchards and open fields, as well as riverside areas to enjoy, there is plenty to take in here. Very popular with dog walkers and pups alike you’re likely to meet a few friends along the way if your dog likes to swim.

Where to eat in Worcester with your dog

The Anchor Inn & Boathouse

Dogs will be provided with bowls of water as well as ear ruffles. Pups are allowed in the snug as well as outside and will be welcomed with open arms. Roast dinners come well recommended as do the breakfasts (depending what time you make a visit). Gorgeous views of the canal can be enjoyed on the terrace if the weather is nice.


If you’re looking after someone’s dog in Worcester and would like to tuck into a hearty breakfast alongside your furry companion then why not head to Clockwatchers. They offer a varied menu and your pup is welcome to join you inside which is pretty wagtastic.

The Cardinal’s Hat

If you’d like to extend your stay in Worcester, why not head to The Cardinal’s Hat where your pup will be allowed to sleep over too! Located in the centre of Worcester, with a varied menu and a lovely beer garden this makes for a lovely afternoon stop off with your four legged friend.

Diglis House & Restaurant

Another possible place to stay with your pooch in Worcester is the Diglis House Hotel & Restaurant. With views over the River Severn, this restaurant welcomes friendly pups in the gardens, bar and lounge. A range of snacks, lunch or dinner is available as well as water bowls for thirsty pups.

Local vets in Worcester

Henwick Vets

If you’re walking someone’s dog in Worcester it’s always nice to know where your nearest vet is located. Henwick Vets operate an open surgery  so no appointment is necessary and they are open Monday - Saturday. They also offer home visits, which can be booked over the phone.

Severn Veterinary Centre

Offering a friendly and personal service, Severn Veterinary Practice are happy to offer consultations as well as emergency care. Their practice is extremely modern and their services range from x-rays and ultrasounds to blood tests and neutering.  

Pet shops in Worcester

Pet Corner

An independent family business specialising in natural food and treats as well having a professional grooming area and their very own doggie deli! They also have a dog boutique stocked with goodies for pups with special treats like cards, gifts and pet friendly wrapping, you’ll almost definitely find something pawsome.

Pets at Home

Whether it’s a book on pupcare or some treats for a well behaved pooch, you’ll find them all here. There is a range of food and toys on offer and your pup is welcome to shop with you at Pets at Home so he can even sniff out his own treat!

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