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What is BorrowMyDoggy?

BorrowMyDoggy is an online platform dedicated to connecting dog owners with dog borrowers for walks, weekends or happy holidays. BorrowMyDoggy is passionate about helping dogs get more love and exercise, borrowers get special dog time and owners get the peace of mind that their pup is having fun.

Our goal as a company is pretty simple: we aim to make sure dogs get the care, attention and exercise they deserve while connecting local people through the love of dogs.

Dog Walking, Sitting and Day Care in Kensington & Chelsea

The Borough of Kensington & Chelsea is one of the smallest, most densely populated and wealthiest in the UK. Although this borough is one of the smallest, it is packed full of pup friendly parks and they have perfected the art of spoiling their four legged friends.

Doggy Day Care in Kensington & Chelsea

If it were up to most dog owners, their dogs would never be left behind but sometimes you need to go somewhere without your pup. Luckily, Kensington and Chelsea have a slew of options from dog walkers and kennels make sure your pups needs are met. Perhaps the newest and most nurturing option out there is BorrowMyDoggy, where local dog lovers shower your pup with attention when you don’t have the time.

Dog Sitting in Kensington & Chelsea

If you’ve previously felt like kennels in Kensington and Chelsea were your only option, BorrowMyDoggy could be a great alternative. You are joining a community of dog lovers who would love to look after your dog, not to be paid but because they love spending time with a pooch. When a borrower is dog sitting, as an owner you have the peace of mind that your dog is getting 1 to 1 attention, exercise and love. Leaving your dog, you and the borrower happy!

Most popular breeds in Kensington & Chelsea:

  • Cross breed - small
  • Labrador
  • Cocker spaniel
  • Chihuahua
  • French Bulldog

Most loved dog names in Kensington & Chelsea:

  • Lola
  • Bella
  • Charlie
  • Alfie
  • Poppy

What our members say

“BorrowMyDoggy has given us the sense of being able to enjoy a dog again. To have a dog so close makes a big difference and it gets us out of the house. We’re not asking for money - we love dogs and are not interested in any shape or form in doing this for money.” Rufus' borrowers, Sue and Mel

“I used to take Cherry to work and then my landlord announced she was no longer allowed to be there. I couldn’t afford to send her to a professional dog care place - it would have cost me more than I’m paying for my kids to go to university. BorrowMyDoggy has been a saving grace.” Cherry's owner, Elizabeth

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Dog Walking in Kensington & Chelsea

Being so dog friendly, it makes sense that Kensington and Chelsea has some fab places to walk a dog, here are just some of our favourite spots for a game of fetch.

Hyde Park

If you’re looking for a nice long dog walk, Hyde Park is one of Central London’s biggest open spaces and the biggest of the four Royal Parks. There is plenty of greenery for four legged and two legged friends to explore and enjoy. The Lido Bar and Cafe & Serpentine Bar and Kitchen also have a great selection of snacks available as well as water bowls ready for thirsty post walk pups.

Kensington Gardens

If you’re a dog sitter in Kensington and Chelsea and are looking for a lovely flower filled walk then Kensington Gardens is the place to head to. Be sure not to miss out on the Tiffany & Co Foundation drinking fountain on The Broad Walk.

It’s designed with pooches in mind,  as you press for water at the top, the doggy drinking area is also filled below – wagnificent.

Where to eat in Kensington & Chelsea with your dog

While local British pubs are always an option, what sets Kensington and Chelsea apart is their warm acceptance of pups in their white tablecloth establishments.

Egerton House hotel

This five star hotel is considered by many as one of the most luxe London has on offer. Although they are super fancy, they have kept their values in check. They encourage doggy guests and to prove it they have a bunch of pooch friendly perks to help make sure your pets experience is pawtastic. From pup friendly afternoon tea, a grooming service, toys, treats and even a pet concierge this place really is a dog’s dream.

Ampersand hotel

Most would assume that fancy English tea’s are typically pup free. But Ampersand lets you splurge on innovative pastries and finger sandwiches with your pup by your side. While the environment is that of a beautiful English drawing room and the tea some of the best England has on offer, they have managed to keep things cozy.

The Builders Arms

While the list of dog friendly establishments in Kensington and Chelsea is impressive, the Builders Arms is one of the few that offers dog biscuits and water bowls. Their relaxed vibe also helps you feel at ease that if your pup happens to step out of turn, you don’t need to sneak off in shame.

Local vets in Kensington & Chelsea

If you are dog walker in Kensington and Chelsea it is always nice to know where you’re nearest vet is located. Kensington vet care is located just a couple of minutes walk from Notting Hill Gate Station and offers a range of services from health checks to emergency consultations.

Included in your BorrowMyDoggy membership is a 24/7 Vet Line that both owners and borrowers can call. Whilst your pup is with a borrower, they can call the vet line with any questions or concerns and can get advise of what to do. Owners are also able to ask them for any advice they need.

Pet shops in Kensington & Chelsea

Pet Spa London

Interested in treating your pup like the prince or princess they are? We have found just the spot. Whether your pooch needs a massage performed by a certified canine massage therapist or if they could use a facial to get rid of dirt and tear stains (with head massage, of course), the Pet Spa will take care of them. Pawdicures that include a luxury paw soak and a beeswax, lavender and rosemary balm massage to finish, runway worthy haircuts with senior stylists, fresh breath treatments or just a wash and fluff dry are all available- the options are limitless.

Purple Bone

Is your dog short on chew toys or do they need a new winter coat? Purple Bone will take care of both. With cool dog beds, collars, leads, toys and treats- this is a go to shop for all owners or those borrowing a dog in Kensington & Chelsea.

If you are wondering if there is someone local to walk or look after your dog in Kensington & Chelsea, why not sign to BorrowMyDoggy and check out the borrowers in your area. You can sign up to create a profile and take a look for free.

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