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What is BorrowMyDoggy?

BorrowMyDoggy is an online platform dedicated to connecting owners with dog borrowers for walks, weekends or happy holidays. BorrowMyDoggy is passionate about helping pups get more love and exercise, borrowers get special dog time and dog owners get the peace of mind that their dog is having fun.

Our goal as a company is pretty simple: we aim to make sure dogs get the care, attention and exercise they deserve while connecting local people through the love of dogs.

Dog Walking, Sitting and Day Care in Ipswich

Dog Day Care in Ipswich

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your pup everywhere with you? While we agree this would be pawsome, this isn’t always possible and sometimes you’ll need to look for a dog sitter in Ipswich. Instead of putting your four legged friend into kennels in Ipswich why not find a lovely local borrower instead who would love to spend some quality time with a pooch.

Dog Sitting in Ipswich

Maybe you’re keen to have a dog but can’t currently own one. Have you considered borrowing a dog in Ipswich instead? There are so many dogs that would love an extra walk or game of fetch so why not create a free profile and check out the lovely pups in your area.

Most popular breeds in Ipswich:

  • Cross breed - Medium
  • Labrador
  • Cockapoo
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Most loved dog names in Ipswich:

  • Milo
  • Oscar
  • Molly
  • Bella
  • Bailey

What our members say

"I joined Borrow My Doggy because my fiancé and I recently got our own house and miss the family pets. We work full time so it wouldn't be fair to have a dog of our own right now - this is the perfect solution! My parents have a cavachon so I was delighted to meet Angel, an adorable cavachon, through the site. BorrowMyDoggy is a great idea, it's a win-win for borrowers and owners." - Angel’s borrower, Tayla.

"We joined Borrowmydoggy as we wanted to meet other like minded & pet loving people in our local area. Having contacted a number of people on the site, we have recently found a lovely family right across the street from us that love looking after Kookie during the day whilst we are at work. This works well as Kookie is now getting 2 to 3 additional walks per day, lots and lots of cuddles and most of all she is around people who give her attention. It's been a great surprised to see the amount of people locally to us that are interested in looking after dogs." - Kookie's owner, Kash.

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You can view lots more BorrowMyDoggy reviews and other member stories on our testimonials page.

Dog Walking in Ipswich

Whether you’re new to the area or are a seasoned dog walker in Ipswich, it’s always nice to discover a great dog walk. Here are just some of our favourites…

Chantry Park

You can easily spend the entire day at Chantry Park due to the range of facilities and abundance of open space perfect for a game or two of fetch. There are plenty of walking routes as well as a children’s playground if you have little ones. Why not pack a picnic if the weather is nice and really make an afternoon if it.

Holywells Park

If you’re looking for dog walks in Ipswich with varied terrain and lots of wooded areas for inquisitive pups to explore, then why not head to Holywells Park. Another great spot for a picnic and a great place to visit if your pup likes to swim. Make sure to keep an eye out for squirrels who are often darting around the wooded areas.

Christchurch Park

Whether you are dog sitting in Ipswich or are out and about walking your own dog, Christchurch Park is a great choice. Popular with both locals and visitors alike, this park is lovely to visit if your pup is sociable as there are always a lot of other dog walkers here. With lots of beautiful trees, refreshment counters and plenty of open space lending itself to those endless games of fetch this is somewhere you could easily spend an entire afternoon.

Bourne Park

If you are looking for somewhere well maintained and green to walk a dog in Ipswich then why not head to Bourne Park. Whether you’re looking for a game of rounders, a playground for your little ones or lots of lovely open space to enjoy with your four legged friend, this park has it all. The only thing this park doesn’t have is refreshments, so it is advisable to pack some snacks or a drink if you’re planning on being here for a few hours.

Where to eat in Ipswich with your dog

The Greyhound

Known for being a super friendly lunch spot for both two legged and four legged visitors. Pups are welcome inside and out here and the pub sports a lovely little beer garden which is at its very best when the sun is shining.  Pick from their extensive menu filled with yummy pub classics while your pup enjoys ear ruffles and attention from the friendly staff. Water bowls are also available for thirsty pooches.

The Lord Nelson

Located next to the waterfront The Lord Nelson makes a great place to stop off at before or after a walk. With a lovely garden to enjoy in warmer months and a comprehensive lunch and dinner menu, this is a pawsome place to grab a bite to eat in Ipswich.

The Salthouse Harbour Hotel

If you’d like to prolong your visit, a lovely place for an overnight stay is The Salthouse Harbour Hotel. Pups are welcome in the rooms for a small surcharge and they are also welcome to dine with you in the lounge area. Decorated in a unique and artsy way, this hotel is popular with both locals and tourists and serves up a range of dishes as well as a fab afternoon tea.

The Sorrel Horse

Proudly pup friendly this is a great place to stop for something to eat with your furry friend. Located only 10 mins out of Ipswich, The Sorrel Horse is located in the village of Barham which provides a lovely quiet environment for lunch or a cold refreshing drink. They also have a lovely little garden and accomodation available if you are looking at extending your stay.

Local vets in Ipswich


It’s always nice to know where your nearest vet is located when looking after someone’s dog in Ipswich. Vets4Pets is open Monday - Saturday and offers standard consultations, emergency care as well as general advice on pup care.

Ipswich Veterinary Centre

From emergency care to microchipping and vaccinations, Ipswich Veterinary Centre have a range of services to suit your pups needs. They also offer a grooming service, advice on training and behaviour as well as dog agility classes which is pretty wagstastic!

Pet shops in Ipswich

Jollyes Pet Superstore

If you really want to treat your pup (owned or borrowed) why not head to Jollyes and pick out a lovely treat for him. Jollyes stock a range of food and toys as well as leads and harnesses so you can be sure that you’ll leave with something pawsome.

Pets at Home

Looking for a one stop, super duper pet shop? Why not head to Pets at Home and pick out a lovely treat for your four legged friend. Your pup is welcome to join you in store so he’ll be able to sniff out his very own treat as well as getting lots of ear ruffles and belly rubs from the lovely staff.

If after reading this you are wondering if there would be anyone local to walk your dog in Ipswich, why not create a free profile and browse our members to see if there is a pawsome match just around the corner.

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