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What is BorrowMyDoggy?

BorrowMyDoggy is an online platform dedicated to connecting dog owners with dog borrowers for walks, weekends or happy holidays. BorrowMyDoggy is passionate about helping dogs get more love and exercise, borrowers get special dog time and dog owners get the peace of mind that their dog is having fun.

Our goal as a company is pretty simple: we aim to make sure dogs get the care, attention and exercise they deserve while connecting local people through the love of dogs.

Dog Walking, Sitting and Day Care in Hammersmith

Dog Day Care in Hammersmith

How happy would your dog be if they spent the day, whilst you are at work, receiving endless hours of cuddles, playtime and exercise? BorrowMyDoggy offers dog owners a local, personalised and more cost effective way to ensure their dog has a great quality of life. Dogs enjoy a happier day by receiving more 1:1 attention, love and exercise. Borrowers can help make your dog happier and healthier through some extra walks and playtimes - high paws!

Dog Sitting in Hammersmith

As an alternative to traditional dog sitters in Hammersmith, BorrowMyDoggy borrowers give local dogs extra walks, exercise and love simply because they love dogs, not because it’s their job.

So if you’re looking to find someone to look after your dog rather than searching for dog kennels in Hammersmith, why not create a profile for your pooch on BorrowMyDoggy and find a borrower instead! We have lots of tips on creating a pawfect profile to help you.

Most popular breeds in Hammersmith:

  • Cross breed - small
  • Labrador
  • Cockapoo
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Miniature Dachshund

Most loved dog names in Hammersmith:

  • Alfie
  • Luna
  • Lola
  • Bella
  • Charlie

What our members say

"I recently moved to London and joined BorrowMyDoggy with the hope that maybe if I walked dogs, the exercise and company would help my self confidence and general settling in. How right I was! The pup that has really got my heart is Elvis, a black Cavapoo. He is amazingly sweet natured and a joy to be around. His owner is so thankful for some extra help. BorrowMyDoggy has been brilliant investment for my mental health and I've recommended it to lots of my friends." Elton's borrower, Lily

“We joined BorrowMyDoggy when our French Bulldog, Devdas, was a puppy with the aim of socialising him. From the elderly and autistic to very young and the super fit, he's seen it all now thanks to BorrowMyDoggy. He is absolutely the good natured and well mannered dog he is today because of the good, varied socialisation and consistency from his borrowers. His doggy wiggle when he meets his borrowers is fantastic and shows just how much he enjoys it!” Devdas’ owner, Cliff

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You can view lots more BorrowMyDoggy reviews and other member stories on our testimonials page.

Dog Walking in Hammersmith

Thames Path

A great riverside dog walk in Hammersmith is the Thames Path from Hammersmith towards Chiswick. Lined with lovely trees with beautiful views of the river, if you are feeling energetic you can walk all the way to Twickenham. There are also lots of pup friendly pubs to stop at en route for refreshments.

Ravenscourt Park

If you’re a dog walker in Hammersmith and are looking for somewhere new to take your dogs, why not visit Ravenscourt Park? A 20 acre public park and garden, this is a beautiful green space to go and explore. With plenty of space to play fetch and lots of new smells for your pup, it’s definitely worth going there for a walk.

Brook Green

If you are looking for a place to quickly pop out to walk a dog in Hammersmith, Brook Green is a perfect place to stretch your pups legs when they wake up. It is also surrounded by lots of lovely pubs, so great to stop off here on your way home for a cheeky pint.

Wormwood Scrubs

A short bus journey from Hammersmith, Wormwood Scrubs is definitely worth a visit on the weekends. It is the largest open space in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and one of the largest commons in London, with 200 acres of green space. With a small woodland walkway providing some shelter on those hotter days. There is also lots of wildlife you probably wouldn’t expect to see in London, such as common lizards! It is the perfect place to explore with your pup and perfect for a game of frisbee or fetch! It is tucked away from the city so you can definitely escape there.

Little Wormwood Scrubs

Just next to Wormwood Scrubs is Little Wormwood Scrubs, as you can probably guess, it is a smaller park. This is a great place to go for a shorter walk, and it is much more exciting for the children as there are plenty of play areas to keep them entertained whilst you play with your pup.

Where to eat in Hammersmith with your dog

Blue Anchor

After walking along the Thames, this is the pawfect place to stop for a drink in the sun and a bite to eat. This traditional, riverside pub is very dog friendly. Your pups are allowed inside and out and are welcomed with treats and some ear ruffles from the staff.

Queen Adelaide

Not too far from Hammersmith, The Queen Adelaide in Shepherds Bush welcomes your pups on leads in the bar area. They have a log fire in the winter, and will provide water bowls and biscuits to keep them occupied happy while you enjoy a drink and some bar snacks.

Princess Victoria

Also in Shepherds Bush is the Princess Victoria. Dogs are warmly welcomed through the pub and will be receive lots of ear ruffles and attention from the bar staff. A former gin palace, they have over 100 gins for you to try - over a long period of time of course! They have a heated front terrace to keep your pups warm and cosy in the cooler summer evenings!  

Local vets in Hammersmith

Pet Care

Pet Care Brook Green is a well established vet in West London caring for local family pets. They are available for consultations Monday to Saturday. If your pup finds it very stressful visiting the surgery, you can arrange a home visit, how pawfect!

Blue Cross

Blue Cross have one of their smallest animal hospitals in Hammersmith, although they are still able to help you when you require a vet. They are open Monday to Friday and provide cheap vet care in the Hammersmith area.

Brackenbury Vets

Also a Petcare registered vet, Brackenbury Vets is a local family vet in Hammersmith. They are happy to help you with any veterinary needs Monday to Saturday. They can help you with anything from vaccinations to dental services, and even dog grooming!

Included in your BorrowMyDoggy membership is a 24/7 Vet Line for both owners and borrowers. They are registered nurses there to help with any advice needed, even in an emergency.

Pet shops in Hammersmith

Peters Posh Pets

They run a grooming service for dogs in Hammersmith, so if your pup needs some much needed pampering then this is the place to go!

Smart Dogs

Smart Dogs provide grooming services for your pup to give them a haircut or just a much needed wash after those muddy winter walks!

If after reading this, you would like to borrow a dog in Hammersmith, why not sign to BorrowMyDoggy and check out the lovely doggies in your area. You can sign up to create a profile and take a look for free.

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