Mysterious Vomiting Virus Affecting UK Dogs

Kathleen Pohl - BVSc MRCVS

A warning from Kath Pohl, Veterinary Surgeon at Zetland Vets in Bristol.

“Vets are concerned about a mysterious virus that’s affecting UK dogs, causing them to vomit excessively. 

At this stage, experts are yet to confirm whether the cause of the illness is viral or bacterial. They urge pet owners whose pets appear under the weather to seek the help of their vet as soon as possible. 

Early symptoms may include reluctance to eat, or dogs generally not seeming like themselves. The disease causes excessive, violent vomiting. 

If you’re concerned, or if your dog is displaying similar symptoms, contact your local vet or emergency care provider as soon as you can. 

The veterinary department at the University of Liverpool are very concerned, and are asking owners to take a survey so that they can gather more information.”

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