Bearded Collie

Fun facts about Bearded Collies from the BorrowMyDoggy community

The Bearded Collie is a fluffy bundle of joy and you can’t help but smile when you see this loveable and gentle pooch. Whether you’re thinking of borrowing one or getting your own, we’ve pulled together some fun and interesting facts that you should know about the breed, courtesy of the Bearded Collie owners in our community.

collage of bearded collie dogs and puppies, part of borrowmydoggy's guide to dog breeds

What is a Bearded Collie?

A Bearded Collie, or Beardie as it is commonly known, is traditionally a sheep herding dog. Beardies originate from Scotland and are very distinctive thanks to their long coat (be prepared to spend quite a few hours grooming). Despite their size, these large dogs have a lifespan of over ten years and are affectionate and gentle with children and other animals.

If you'd like to bone up on your Bearded Collie knowledge, these books might help.

How much exercise does a Bearded Collie need?

Many people refer to them as ‘Bouncing Beardies’ on account of their springy gait. They have lots of energy and love going on long walks in all terrains, requiring at least an hour of exercise a day. Beardies are happy, confident dogs who, according to The Kennel Club are: “ideally suited to life in the country.”

Bearded Collie in the snow"Rocky is the most fluffy, lovely, friendly, bouncy little pup in the world. He loves a tummy tickle, game of tug, practicing tricks, going on walks. He loves an adventure. A very loveable and loving rascal." - Alice, Owner of Rocky

What is the temperament of a Bearded Collie?

Bearded Collies are fun and friendly so are the ideal family dog, as long as your family is always up for an adventure! They aren’t shy and can sometimes be quite independent, but love a cuddle on the couch if the occasion calls for it!

bearded collie looking inquisitiveHe's got a great personality. He's super loyal and tries so hard to be really protective, but he's a massive softie at heart." - Rosie, Owner of Charlie

Are Bearded Collies easy to train?

Thanks to their high intelligence levels, in theory, Bearded Collies are easy to train. They are renowned, however, for being quite cheeky and if bored may resort to light kleptomania. If kept busy and trained consistently from an early age, you will have a loyal and obedient companion whose second to none.

bearded collie

Archie is very affectionate and well behaved. He has excellent doggy manners. My husband takes him to work sometimes and he loves people. He has become the local area mascot!” - Sue, Owner of Archie

That being said, here are a few funny quirks that some of our members’ pooches have:

Tracey, Owner of Ollie:

He drools for Britain when you are eating! He always has to be first upstairs and loves to sleep on the bed

Pam, Owner of Bella:

She likes to watch TV, especially football and David Attenborough programmes.

Joyce, Owner of Groover:

If he's ignored he'll bark and will always greet a visitor with a cushion!

Most Common Bearded Collie Names on BorrowMyDoggy:

  • Ollie
  • Charlie
  • Dylan
  • Archie
  • Poppy

These 'Bouncing Beardies' are sometimes a little too springy for their owners' liking so if you're trying to stop this furry pooch from jumping up, then why not try out our Hound Hack?

High paws to our lovely community for letting us share these facts about their Bearded Collies. Paws crossed you found them helpful :)

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