Great Places to Walk Your Dog in Dublin

Five great places in Dublin to take your dog for a walk

dog enjoying a walk

Walking our furry friends is such an important part of dog ownership. If you’re borrowing a dog, you might not know the best places to go, so we hope to inspire you with these five local wagtastic walking spots for you and your doggy, borrowed or owned, in Dublin.

Phoenix Park

phoenix park, a great place for dog walks in dublin.

Phoenix Park is one of the largest enclosed recreational spaces within any European capital city with a vast 1752 acres of land to explore. Trees cover almost a third of the park and The Victorian People's Flower Gardens expands across 22 acres. There are many historic buildings and monuments within the park and according to the official website, over two thousand sporting and recreational events take place annually in the park.

Plan your dog walk to Phoenix Park.

Sandymount Strand

sandymount strand, a great place for dog walks in dublin.

Sandymount Strand is a stretch of just over 1km of land on the south east coast of Dublin. The strand has a promenade which is a popular walking path, so if you and your dog fancy a seaside stroll then this is the place to go! There is plenty of parking on site and if you’re a keen wildlife spotter then be sure to bring your binoculars as this is a Special Area of Conservation.

Plan your dog walk to Sandymount Strand.

Marlay Park

marlay park, a great place for dog walks in dublin.

Marlay Park is a 300 acre park situated in the south of the city. The park has a great mix of terrains, so whether your dog prefers woodland walks or pottering by the pond, Marlay Park is a safe bet for a great day out. The park even has a dedicated and enclosed off the lead area for dogs, with its own rules and regulations, which you can read here.

Plan your dog walk to Marlay Park.

Killiney Hill Park

Killiney Hill Park, a great place for dog walks in dublin.

Killiney Hill Park is a public park that is home to Killiney Hill and Dalkey Hill, which form the southern boundary of Dublin Bay. The spectacular views in all directions make Killiney Hill Park a popular spot for walkers and hikers. The forest that spans across the two hills has been likened to dog heaven and for a good stretch of the legs you can walk up the path to the top of the hill.

Plan your dog walk to Killiney Hill Park.

St Anne’s Park

at anne's park, a great place for dog walks in dublin.Situated in the north of Dublin, St Anne’s Park is about 270 acres of parkland straddled across Nanekin River. Like Marlay Park, St Anne’s Park has a dedicated area for dogs to be allowed off the leash. This area is over an acre of woodland, hills & undergrowth for your furry friend to explore! In addition to this, there is an enclosed area for all dogs and a separate area for big dogs.

Plan your dog walk to St Anne’s Park.

High paws - We hope you’re as excited about your next dog walk as we are.

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