Students are the perfect dog walkers - get in touch today!
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Students are the perfect dog walkers - get in touch today!

Many students join our dog loving community when they head to university so they can spend some quality time with a local dog. From leaving their family dog to needing stress relief, there are a number of reasons why students join us. There are also some great benefits for both borrowers and owners when students join BorrowMyDoggy. We thought we’d share some of them with our members.


  • Many borrowers have dog experience - The majority of students have moved away from home and have left their family dog behind. Therefore, they have had experience with dog ownership are used to being around dogs. We always recommend owners and borrowers get to know one another before a dog is borrowed so, make sure ask them if they’ve looked after or even borrowed a dog before.
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I joined BorrowMyDoggy after coming to the UK as a graduate student. I was missing my dog terribly… I connected with a family living close by and soon discovered that they were the best dogs and people I could have hoped to meet.” Borrower, Kate from Cambridge

  • Your dog can spend less time alone - Students often have free time during the day due to the timings of their classes, so if you’re looking for some company or walks for your dog in the day time then student borrowers are a great option!
  • You can have one than one borrower - They beauty of BorrowMyDoggy is that if you’re a premium member you’re able to contact an unlimited number of borrowers. If you live near a university you might find a number of student borrowers in your area. This means you can have a number of borrowers helping you out when you’re busy and your pup can spend more time socialising!
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...I am lucky that I live in the city centre and think that's how I have had a lot of interest from students, they are animal lovers and totally love Bear 🐻 so I would definitely recommend joining BorrowMyDoggy” Owner, Irene from Edinburgh


  • The mental benefits - A great way to reduce university or exam stress and feel happier is to spend time with a dog. According to Psychologies Magazine, spending just 15 minutes with a lovable dog can leave you feeling more relaxed and calm.
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“BorrowMyDoggy has been amazing for both my mental and physical health. I suffer with anxiety and depression so getting out of the house helps firstly, as well as having a happy dog and regular exercise for us both. I joined because I'm a university student in Manchester and… I'm used to walking my dog Sam back home and missed it.” Borrower, Isabel from Manchester

  • More exercise - When students head to university, it’s safe to say their physical health can be neglected. However, having a dog to borrow encourages you to get outside and take some time to walk.
  • Making the most of your time - Use that free time you have at the weekends and in the day to get out and about with a furry friend, whatsmore dogs are a great conversation starter! Head to park and meet other students with a canine companion.

For students across the country, September is a fresh start and a new academic year. It signals new opportunities and, for freshers, a total change of city, home and life.

Many of you may be leaving beloved family pets behind. Well, we think we have the perfect solution! BorrowMyDoggy offers the chance to spend time with a dog either on an ad-hoc or more regular basis and build a lasting relationship with the dog and their owners. You could be helping out owners who are struggling to find care, getting outdoors in your new city and socialising with other dog walkers at the park. Not only this but there are a wealth of benefits to spending time with a dog including decreasing stress, increasing fitness and helping your mental health.

It’s really simple to get started. Simply create an account, fill out some information about yourself and select how much availability you have across the week. You can then find out how many dogs are in your area and decide if any of the adorable pups look like your pawfect match before going Premium.

Young student borrower a black Cockapoo with a BorrowMyDoggy bandana on

Did you know that BorrowMyDoggy has been working with some SU’s across the country to get students memberships? If your university isn’t yet involved, you can get in touch and find out more here.

The universities that are already involved have found that BorrowmMyDoggy is a helpful tool to look after the health and wellbeing of their students, especially during the last year of lockdowns when other forms of help were not available.

Once you are ready to meet a dog for the first time, make sure to read through our etiquette guide below to be the best borrower!

  1. Make sure to outline your availability across the year, not just during quiet periods. Will you be going home during the holidays or will you be too busy during exam periods to keep up a consistent availability? Make sure you and the owner are on the same page so they can decide if you are the best match for their requirements and neither of you will be let down.
  2. If you are bringing friends along to enjoy the doggy time, make sure to let the owner know. Only the account holder should handle and take care of the dog, otherwise, you will not be covered by insurance
  3. If you are in student accommodation or renting privately, make sure you know the rules on having pets in your home. That will give you the option to have the dog come to stay with you if needed. Make sure to check with housemates that it is OK and whether they have allergies.


Student Charlotte joined BorrowMyDoggy whilst at university in Bristol and started borrowing Beezus, the Bernese Mountain Dog. After finishing her course, she moved to continue her veterinary training in London, where Beezus and her owner, Annie, had also moved! Charlotte shares how “meeting Beezus and Annie definitely helped me get through my last year at university and my finals. Beezus is so happy all the time that she lifts your spirit immediately.”

For owner Annie, BorrowMyDoggy has had a very positive impact on her dog, Beezus. As she shares, “it’s really good for her to be able to go out with other people and feel comfortable and have other experiences. She seems so happy.”

You can also refer to our general borrower etiquette guide for extra tips and safety information here.

Now you are ready to make the most of all the lovely local dogs in your university city! Don’t forget to tag us in any photos you take as we love to share the joy of borrowing across our platforms.

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