How dog owners can save money
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How dog owners can save money

21 November 2022

Affordable dog care: a fairytale?

It's hard to say exactly how much it costs to own and care for a dog per month in the UK, but insurer More Th>n put together some research that suggests your average expense could range anywhere from £94 - 154/month!

But there are many who end up paying more than this! In particular those living near London where costs associated with walks or daycare can easily reach over 250 pounds per month.

He’s not cheap, but given the area, I think we do it as economically as we can, given we are both out at work

Says Mina, owner of Ernie, the Whippet

On average, a 2018 Statista report estimated dog walking costs to be on average £53 per month.

According to a survey the BorrowMyDoggy team have run in 2022, over 50% of full time workers have financial concerns about going back into work and ensuring their furry friend is well looked after.

How to save money on dog care with BorrowMyDoggy?

Did you know that you can save money on dog walking and dog boarding services by finding dog lovers who live near you?

Our lovely borrowers, a retired couple who want the enjoyment of dogs but not the commitment, have a key to our garden gate, we have a dog flap so the dogs let themselves out when called. They have become friends to us and the dogs. £44 is less than one 2 hour walk for my 2 dogs and so now after more than 4 months we have definitely had our money’s worth! A fantastic service for owners and borrowers! Thank you BorrowMyDoggy! 🐾

Freddie and Bailey's owner Claire from Dorset

The interview and testimonial below show how some of our dog owners, like Naomi, Jason and Irene, would have been able to save over £50 a month by doing this. By using BorrowMyDoggy, owners are able to reduce the number of visits from a professional dog walker and on dog boarding.

This is just one example of how you can save money on pet-related services.

Testimonial by Naomi, Jason and their beautiful Golden Retriever Clemmie

Recently, I was asked if I had any recommendations for dog sitters or doggy day care. I didn't, but I did have a few words of advice:

Join BorrowMyDoggy!

I squealed before descending into my usual spiel, and enjoying the easy segway into showing off photos of our dog, Clemmie. (Look how happy she is here! See how many pup dates they share!)

Clemmie, the Golden Retriever

I'd always considered joining BorrowMyDoggy as one of the better decisions we'd made as owners; however, in these uncertain financial times, it seems even savvier: you see, we've never paid a penny to look after Clemmie. Not when we returned to work, nor when we headed for a weekend away. Not when we moved house nor when we had renovation work.

There have been times we've half-heartedly considered Doggy day care like when I returned to work as a teacher post lockdown, or when my partner needed to travel overseas; however, when compared to the 5-star days Clemmie has with her Borrowers, nothing compared.

To pay for something and for Clemmie to experience something worse seemed barking mad! Why send Clemmie to a kennel at a cost when she can enjoy home comforts and care courtesy of BorrowMyDoggy?

I'm not much of a Mathematician so I've never attempted to calculate how much we've saved. I do know though that friends have paid £30 for an hour long check-in and walk whilst Clemmie has a day with on demand belly rubs and multiple walks courtesy of BorrowMyDoggy.

When I chat to new puppy owners, I always recommend BorrowMyDoggy. It's invaluable: an opportunity to develop a support team, who care for your dog as much as you do, without the price premium.

- Naomi Jones and Clemmie

Interview with Irene and dogs Honey & Tess

1. How did you find out about BorrowMyDoggy?

I was initially looking for dog care for holidays as my parents were no longer able to look after my furbabies due to one of their dogs being unwell. I googled and did a bit of research and the idea of BorrowMyDoggy really appealed to me.

Tess & Honey

2. What are the main benefits of BorrowMyDoggy for you?

For me, the main benefits are finding local people who really want to take care of my dogs. I also like the idea of families sharing in the fun of having dogs when they are unable to have one of their own.

Although it is nice not to have to pay to have my dogs looked after, it is not my main benefit. I just think that if someone is happy to look after your dog with the only gratification being their company, then they are genuinely nice people who truly care for the dog’s wellbeing.

Also having a third party like BorrowMyDoggy safeguarding both parties is very comforting.

3. How often would you use dog care services, such as dog boarding or dog walking professionals?

I use dog care services for holidays. I wouldn’t normally use dog walking services as I am available to walk my dogs but the family that look after them on holiday regularly ask to walk them too which is lovely.

4. What kind of people do you think would benefit the most from getting to know local dog borrowers?

Anyone and everyone really who requires dog care. I think elderly people could benefit if the weather was perhaps poor and they couldn’t get out with their dog. Also anyone who is ill or perhaps in recovery or who works full time would benefit too.

5. Any secret tips in finding a good dog walker/borrower?

I don’t have any secret tips as such but personally, when looking for a borrower, I like to know their interests and why they would like to borrow a dog. It’s good to know about other pets they may have and, if they have children, what age they are. The more info they can give, the better as not all dogs like other pets or young children.

It is really good to know if they have any previous experience with dogs, not that it’s essential, but so you don’t expect too much of them if they have no experience.

To sum up, the idea of BorrowMyDoggy is amazing and it works really well. I think it can really bring communities together and give people the opportunity to enjoy dogs as well as helping people out which allows for great kindness. It is also comforting to know that BorrowMyDoggy is there to help if needed as well as safeguarding both parties so thank you and keep up the fantastic work!

Testimonials on how BorrowMyDoggy members have saved money on dog care

Joining BorrowMyDoggy is one of the best things I’ve done since getting my dog, George. Both my partner and I work and I was not prepared to leave George home alone, but I was unable to find full-time care for him. I was hesitant to begin with, but I found the profile of somebody who looked as though he was a genuine animal lover (but was unable to have a dog of his own because of work commitments) so sent him a message and he immediately agreed to meet us. He is fantastic with George, taking him out on adventures where George gets all the exercise he wants and gets to meet other dogs (and horses!) He has become a friend, which is fantastic and I trust him implicitly. We have met other wonderful people who have ‘borrowed’ George for occasional walks – he is certainly in demand (I sometimes feel like his PA!) I would thoroughly recommend BorrowMyDoggy, the site is so easy to use, it’s fantastic value for money and the safeguarding and advice is extremely useful.

George's owner, Maggie from Herefordshire

So we started using BorrowMyDoggy to help Alan meet other humans. Also, we needed extra help when we were at work. You can use dog walkers etc. but that can be expensive. So we looked into this site, and we have never looked back. Alan has made so many friends, he has helped a family with autistic children and helped singles out with company. We benefited as we have been able to do our own thing, without paying someone to have Alan. Also, I personally think that it has made Alan the dog he is as he is always with someone or children, other dogs - He is a very happy doodle.
It’s a very useful website I have met some lovely people over the years, also it’s getting more and more popular. I tell other dog users or those that want to have a dog to help them get out in the fresh air. The biggest surprise is commitment. From the borrowers. They never let you down if they say they will collect they do. Big thank you all. Such a fabulous website. Thank you.

Alan's owner, Carol from Northamptonshire

Looking to save money on dog walking? Then you should definitely join BorrowMyDoggy! With this unique dog sharing and borrowing service, you can actually connect with a local dog lover or neighbour when you need someone to take your furry friend for a walk.

And since it's free to register, and only 12p/day as a premium member, you'll be able to save quite a bit of cash on professional dog walking services. So why not give it a try today? You and your wallet will be glad you did!

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