How to use BorrowMyDoggy for dog holiday care

Our top tips to finding a borrower to help you with holidays

We have such a pawsome community of borrowers who offer a helping hand to owners just for the love of dogs. If you have a holiday planned and your pooch has to stay at home, a lovely local borrower may be able to provide the care your dog needs while you’re away.

Whether you’re going away for a day, a weekend or longer each one of our premium borrowers has been verified and covered by our safety features, so you can have peace of mind that your dog is being well cared for.

BorrowMyDoggy dog with balls in her mouth
Doggy member Poppy

Dogs are such special members of the family so we’ve pulled together some helpful tips and advice to finding holiday care for your dog through BorrowMyDoggy. Here’s everything you need to know:

Our tips for finding a borrower for holiday care

  • Search before you subscribe - we allow all members to sign up for free to take a look at the suitable matches in your area before they subscribe. We often recommend increasing your search radius as pick ups/drop-offs will be less regular.
  • Start contacting borrowers as early as possible - finding the right match can take some time, from messaging to regular meets, the earlier you start your search, the better.
  • Tailor your messages - as borrowers are volunteering their time they might not be able to offer holiday cover, especially at short notice. Try asking them more about their availability before mentioning specific dates as this can be quite overwhelming for them. Check out our messaging guide for more tips.
  • Ask more than one borrower - send as many messages to suitable borrowers as possible, the more members you contact the more likely you are to find a match. Also you may not find one borrower to cover all your dates, so why not try finding 2 or 3 borrowers to help.
  • Get to know each other really well - it might go without saying, but we always recommend getting to know borrowers really well before they borrow your dog on their own.
  • House visits - whether borrowers are coming to your home or your dog is staying with them, we recommend home visits too. Here’s what to look out for a dog safe home.
  • Go for walks first - we find that the best holiday care is given by borrowers that have spent time getting to know a pup first. This is often in the form of regular or ad hoc walks or even shorter stays before an owner goes away, we want everyone to be comfortable.
  • Say thanks - As borrower can’t accept payment (as this voids our insurance) why not say thanks with a card or a box of chocolates?

What our members have to say

Many of our owners find wonderful borrowers to help them with their pup while they're on holiday.

Frequent traveller and owner Maggie joined BorrowMyDoggy for dog holiday care because she found kennels “tough” and that her dog, Maximus, would “pick up bad habits”.

“When we go on holiday, we know Maximus is having a fantastic time as well. We’ve become friends with our borrower and it’s nice to leave your dogs with a friend as opposed to a kennel where you don’t know anybody.” - Maggie, Maximus’ owner

Our owners often share that BorrowMyDoggy is a more affordable option than traditional kennels and dog walkers, especially as our annual membership helps to cover subscribed owners and borrowers when taking care of a premium BorrowMyDoggy dog.

We hope you find a lovely borrower to help you soon. If you’re ever struggling to find the right match please do not hesitate to contact our help team.

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