5 top tips for your dog this Easter

With Easter just around the corner, check out these five top tips to keep your dog, owned or borrowed, fit and healthy over the Easter period.

Chocolate is toxic to dogs

Please remember to keep your Easter treats out of reach from your dog. If you suspect your pet has eaten any milk or dark chocolate, then contact a vet with the type of chocolate, the amount you think they have consumed and the weight of your dog. They can then advise if veterinary attention is required. The sooner you get advice on this, the safer it is for your dog.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns are also a sure-fire way to end up at the vets! They contain raisins and sultanas, which can have a toxic effect on your dog’s kidneys. If there is a chance your pet has eaten anything containing these dried fruits, then please contact your vet as soon as possible.

Out and about

When out and about in the garden at this time of year, be on the lookout for any spring bulbs which may have been dug up. If your pet eats these, they can cause serious tummy upsets and may require a hospital stay.

Spring clean your dog!

Use the warmer weather to give your pet a good groom - brush out all of the old winter coat, give them a bath or treat them with a visit to the groomers. Look out for any itchy bits as this is the time of year that many skin allergies crop up.

Creepy crawlies

As the temperature heats up outside, the chances of your pet encountering parasites also increases. Make sure your dog has effective flea and tick prevention on board and be sure to regularly inspect their skin and coat, especially after long walks. If you suspect your pet has any parasites or you would like to know more about the different treatments available, then give your vet a call to discuss it further.

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