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Dog day care near you

5 May 2023

Over the last few years a lot of our dogs have gotten used to us being around pretty much all the time, so it can be hard to leave them during the day.

What about dog day care services?

You may be considering using a dog day care service to help you look after your dog during the working day. But how to find the perfect doggy day care? And is that the best solution for you and your pawsome friend?

So here is an overview of dog day care options and alternatives so you can enjoy peace of mind when leaving your pup for the day.

Dog day care options

There's a whole list of dog day care centres out there, but things to look out for are:

  • cost: typically the price you'll pay will be around between £20 and £40 a day, but can vary over the UK and Ireland
  • dog day care licence
  • how pick up and drop off works (and whether that works for you and your fuzzy friend)
  • whether there's the option for off-lead walking for your dog
  • your dog's temperament: some dogs get very overstimulated at day care
  • your dog's love or fear for other dogs. If your dog has any type of fear around other dogs, day care with other dogs may not be the best option

Alternatives to dog day care

If you're not too sure about sending your doggy to day care, then perhaps we could help? BorrowMyDoggy connects dog owners with dog lovers who cannot have a dog of their own. They are often people who don't have enough time to take on the responsibility full time. Or they may simply not have enough space to accommodate a pet in their home.

BorrowMyDoggy as day care

BorrowMyDoggy lets you discover dog lovers in your neighbourhood. You can then choose to get in touch and meet up and if the meet-ups are a success and your dog loves the borrower as much as the borrower loves your dog, you can agree on times when they could look after your dog. It might start out with a simple playdate in the park, an afternoon snoozing on their couch or a long walk in the countryside!

All premium members need to take our safety checks before messaging, and you will also be covered by insurance and have access to a Vet Line as well.

Dog day care near you

We have members all over the United Kingdom and Ireland, ready to bond with your dog! Whether you're looking for some help in London, Glasgow, Belfast or even on the Shetland Islands, we can connect you with great local dog lovers, who will treat your pooch with as much care and attention as you do.

Create a free profile now to discover dogs or borrowers near you.

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Dog day care near you

Dog day care near you

How to find the perfect dog day care near you? We give an overview of what to look out for so you can have some peace of mind when leaving for the day.

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