Flat Coated Retriever
Amongst a field of bluebells, a happy, flat-coated, black dog sits with one paw raised to 'high five' for a treat!

Flat Coated Retriever

14 February 2023

The Flat Coated Retriever, also called the Wavy Coated Retriever or Flattie, are gundogs originally used for hunting and, as the name suggests, retrieving. If you want to find out more about this Golden Retriever lookalike, we’ve gathered lots of useful information about this breed with help from the BorrowMyDoggy community.

Two large, black dogs with long noses and fairly long coats are sitting on grass

Rebecca, who owns Murphy has described the breed perfectly through his boy:

“Murphy just loves attention and company! He is a very friendly dog and loves to play with other dogs and people. He can be a bit excitable when he first meets you but after a few minutes he calms down and stays close to get your attention. He loves going out for walks especially if there is some water to play and swim in, and he loves to play fetch although he might not always bring the ball straight back to you! He is really looking forward to making a new friend to go on walks with.”

What is a Flat Coated Retriever?

Flat Coated Retrievers are part of the Gundog group and look rather similar to Labradors and Golden Retrievers - they have longer muzzles and are can be black or liver coloured.

They are known for their high energy levels and their everlasting puppy like natures. They love water and most of the time will go for a swim if given half the chance. They are a large breed growing up to 61 cm in height and have an average lifespan of 8 -10 years.

A black dog is wading in water, his tail wagging

How much exercise do they need?

As large, high energy dogs, a lot of exercise will be required. They need at least two hours of exercise a day. The more exercise they get, the happier they will be, as they're tireless dogs and will just keep going! They also love a good swim, so if you live near a beach, this is a great way to mix up their walks and keep them interested.

A large black dog is standing in a rocky landscape.

Dusky, the Flat Coated Retriever:

“is the biggest, softest and friendliest dog you will ever meet. She loves other dogs and all people and wags her tail constantly. The breed are known as the Peter Pan of the dog world as they remain full of the joys at all ages. She adores walks, swimming and being fussed over! She is great with kids and all other animals and is basically a big soft pudding!”

What about temperament?

These retrievers are known to mature slowly, meaning they remain quite puppy-like for much longer than other breeds and are often called the “Peter Pan” of the canine world.

They are an active breed that want to be outside as much as possible so are best suited to owners who have lots of time and space to give them. They're still very much a working dog so like to be kept busy and be with their owners most of the time.

They are a very outdoorsy dog, often called the “gamekeeper’s dog” and are much happier in the countryside where they have lots of space to run around and explore.

Sunny is standing on a forest floor on an autumnal day.

Doggy member, Jasper is:

a lovely friendly dog, who adores people, other dogs and any attention! He is very happy and likes walks and sleeping equally!

Paul, who owns Holly, says she:

is very friendly & affectionate and has lots of energy, she can be a bit licky! She loves all people and other dogs. She likes long walks, preferably with water! She likes to chase a ball or chew a stick.

Are they easy to train?

They are a highly intelligent breed and can pick new things up very quickly. This combined with the fact they're very eager to please makes them an easy breed to train. As great as it is that they pick up new things quickly, this does mean they pick up bad behaviour just as quickly so training does need to start early and be consistent. Also, because they mature much more slowly than other dogs, patience and persistence are key to making sure they grow into a well behaved adult dog.

A glossy-coated black dog is sitting on a rough path in the countryside on a sunny day

Doggy member, Sasha...:

“loves food and is super motivated to do anything you ask (for chicken). She loves running and playing ball. She is a super quick learner and you can teach her new things very very quickly. She's such a fun dog. She is super smart and learnt how to break into the fridge (including opening child locks), she can open doors and open the "dog proof" bin. She has a great sense of humour and if you've ever known a flattie, you'll know what I mean.”

Thanks to the Flat Coated Retrievers (and owners) from the BorrowMyDoggy community for sharing their wooftastic photos and quotes.

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