The face of a gorgeous, golden Cockapoo, with curly ears and beautiful brown eyes, waiting patiently for a treat in the garden.

Top 10 UK Dog Names 2022

Our furry members have all sorts of lovely names, but recently we got thinking…. What pooch names are the most popular in UK?

Top 10 UK dog names in 2022

Our pawsome doggy members have all sorts of lovely names, but recently we got thinking - what pooch names are the most popular in the UK?

Check out the list of the most popular dog names on BorrowMyDoggy:

  • Bella - This name is related to the word multiple languages use for beautiful. Therefore all pups called Bella are wagnificently beautiful!
  • Poppy - Of Latin and Old English origin, Poppy comes from the beautiful red flowers of the same name. These flowers are bright and delicate, and gorgeous just like the pooches who share the name.
Poppy, the Border Collie
  • Alfie - This shortened version of Old English and German derived Alfred, meaning ‘wise counsel’. All the Alfies on BorrowMyDoggy are smart cookies!
Alfie, the Cross Breed
  • Lola - Means  “lady of sorrows”, “free woman” and “warrior”. Lots of lovely Lolas are strong, independent pooches, with lots of love to give.
  • Charlie - A gender neutral name, Charlie is of English origin meaning free man. We know plenty of Charlies who are truly free spirits!
Charlie, the Cavapoo
  • Luna - Meaning “moon” in multiple languages, Luna was also the moon goddess in Roman mythology.  We think all the pooches called Luna are truly divine too.
  • Teddy - Did you know that the French origin of this name means “God’s gift”? Furtunately there are lots of Teddys on BorrowMyDoggy happy to share their pawsomeness.
  • Max - Don’t tell Max, they came in 8th. With a name meaning “the greatest” they might want to be number 1! We think all Maxs are wagtastic.
  • Milo - In Slavic languages Milo means dear or beloved, and we tend to agree. Don’t tell the others but Milos give the BEST cuddles.
  • Daisy - This Old English name likens Daisys to the beautiful flowers. Daisy dogs, like Daisy flowers, are impawsible not to love.
Daisy and Milo, the Cockapoos

Whatever your dog’s name, we know they’d love meeting new friends on BorrowMyDoggy.

Top 10 UK dog names in 2019

Check out the list of the most common ones in 2019:

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We'd also like to announce the most pup-ular dog names of BorrowMyDoggy. So without ado here are our top 10 dog names of the year 2019!

  1. Alfie - with over 120 registered!
  2. Bella
  3. Teddy
  4. Luna
  5. Charlie
  6. Daisy
  7. Milo
  8. Lola
  9. Buddy
  10. Poppy

And finally… Our top human member name of the year 2019 was…. Sarah!

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