Dog Book Characters

Dog Book Characters

7 December 2022

Every year in March, we celebrate World Book Day! If you are celebrating by dressing up as your favourite book character but are stuck for ideas, then look no further! We have six suggestions of dog characters you can dress as.

1) Clifford the Big Red Dog

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A favourite TV show of the 2000s is now a live-action film but, did you know it was originally a book series?

You can dress up as Clifford in all red with big floppy ears and a black nose. Alternatively, you could dress as Emily, Clifford’s owner and take a large Clifford toy with you.

2) Snoopy

Stack of Snoopy books, first book, stood upright is titled 'Snoopy's Philosophy'

This happy go lucky dog is part of Peanut’s series of comics. He is a black and white beagle whose owner is Charlie Brown.

Get a group of friends together to go as the whole Peanuts gang or dress all in white with black, floppy ears to look like Snoopy.

3) 101 Dalmatians

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The beloved Disney film was based on the book, The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. You could dress in 1950’s style clothes and go as Anita or Rodger. If you have lots of Dalmatian toys you can carry them with you to symbolise the 101 Dalmatians they own!

If you want to go as Pingo or Pongo, why not dress in polka dots and wear a cute collar?

4) Nana - Peter Pan

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Despite her small role in the books and films, Nana is a fan favourite. She is a Newfoundland who takes care of Wendy and her siblings before they travel to Neverland.

You could go as Nana or you could go as one of the other characters and take a big dog toy with you to incorporate the dog theme. Get a group of friends together to go as the whole gang!

5) Tintin and Snowy

The adventures Tintin and his sidekick Snowy

The adventurous Tintin and his sidekick Snowy, the white Wire Fox Terrier, is a super simple costume idea. Tintin is often pictured wearing a blue jumper and white shirt with some brown trousers and long socks.

The picture above was by comic series' Belgian cartoonist Hergé!

6) Dorothy and Toto - The Wizard of Oz

A page taken from Wizard of Oz

During the crazy adventure of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Toto stays by her side. This is a great costume idea if you want to wear a big dress and ruby slippers! As Dorothy carries Toto around with her all the time, carrying a toy dog would be the perfect addition to this costume.

What character will you be dressing up as this World Book Day? Will you have a dog as part of your costume? Why not dress up and pose with your borrowed dog and share it with us on social media as we love to see our community with their dogs.

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