A day in the life of support dog Biscuit
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A day in the life of support dog Biscuit

We recently learnt more about the doggies in training with our pawsome pals at Support Dogs, which is a national charity dedicated to helping children and adults with autism, epilepsy, and physical disability. How incredible is Biscuit – he came to Support Dogs as part of their rescue and rehoming programme and is training to be an autism assistance dog. We think he's going to make the most amazing furiend for an autistic child!

This is Biscuit’s day:

Hi I’m Biscuit 🍪

This is a day in my life as an autism assistance dog in training.

I arrived at the training centre just before 9am. And jumped straight into practicing task work in the big training room.

Today I’m working on using my body to provide a calming weight. I know this can help an autistic child to calm down and will be very useful in my future job.

My trainer Ellie was also kind enough to give me a brush before I met up with my friend. We went for a free run in the park and I had the best time. I chased my friend a lot, explored some trees, and played with my trainer.

Then it was time to go back to the training centre where I got a yummy frozen Kong snack and a much needed lunchtime nap. I then made sure I got time to play with my favourite toy 🐬 (work life balance is very important to me).

Before heading out again to do some training in restricted areas. I’m told that not all dogs are allowed in these places so I have to wear my jacket to show I’m working. I practised sitting calmly in the shop and walking around without getting distracted by all the exciting things on the shelves.

Ellie gave me a hi five for being such a good boy and said that we were done for today. I said my goodbyes before heading home for tea.

I can’t wait to learn more tomorrow so I can one day change the life of an autistic child 💙

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