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Walk in the Park day!

The idea of ‘Take a Walk in the Park Day’, is to get out, enjoy a local park or trail and embrace your environment. The organisers encourage participants to appreciate your environment by taking photos, painting or writing poetry inspired by nature around you.

It may be an American observance but we will never discourage our members from getting outside and walking, especially with a dog!

Getting out into nature and walking can benefit both your physical and your mental wellbeing. Whether you are under a lot of stress and need a break or you’ve spent a few too many hours watching Netflix this week, taking a walk and slowing down could be just the thing.

As dog lovers, we really believe in the benefits of walking a dog. We not only want to encourage our members to get out walking on the 30th but walking with a dog as often as possible.

Doggy member Tilly
Doggy member Tilly


As a dog owner, you already spend every day walking your dog and lots of these walks probably include parks, trails or fields.

But how about using BorrowMyDoggy to find a friend for your pooch and for yourself? You can meet with other like-minded owners in your local area and take a stroll with them. Not only would you benefit from a change in routine and some company, but your dog may also appreciate the social interaction and mental stimulation of playing with another dog.


Lots of us have spent lockdown walking around our local areas. Whether it’s a quick lunchtime stroll around the block or a few hours spent in your local park, it’s likely that you’ve followed the same few paths for months now and are craving some variety.

How about borrowing a dog to take with you? You can use BorrowMyDoggy to find a local dog that suits your availability and arrange to take them for a walk or look after them for longer if you wish.

We encourage all our members to meet with the owner first before they are left alone with the dog. This helps build a trusting relationship between you but also allows time to get to know the dog’s unique wants and needs. Why not meet for the first time in your local park and get to know a cute new pooch as well as a dog-loving human on ‘Take a Walk in the Park Day’?

You never know, you may just discover something new in your area.

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