Just for fun10 March 2017The Puppy Checklist

The Puppy Checklist

Getting a puppy is, without a doubt, THE most exciting time of anyone’s life.

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But don’t let their cuteness mask their cost. Experts have estimated that buying all the puppy essentials can cost a whopping £200, and that’s just the basics!

To make sure you get off on the right paw, we’ve put together a checklist with the help of petshop.co.uk, for everything you may need for your new pup. We pawsmise everything below is an absolute essential - yes, even the squeaking fox teddy and the puppy sailor dress.


They may be small now, but they will grow (hopefully not too much!), so make sure their bed is going to be big enough and, of course, cosy. Soft linings are especially good for a pup to snuggle into. We particularly like this luxury soft bed, and it’s nothing to do with the ‘Do not Disturb’ sign it has on the front…

Collar and Lead

A collar and lead set are the first thing your pup’s pals are going to see, so make sure it gives off a good first impression. People see it and automatically make a decision on you. Studded collar = this is one tough pup. Pink with flowers on = this dog hates rain and will never get muddy. When choosing a collar, try and match it to your pup’s personality, and of course, their coat.

Toys and teddies

A puppy isn’t a puppy without an endless amount of toys and teddies, right? Get yours kitted out with every squeaking, bouncing, flashing toy there is out there. Our favourite? This soft, squeaky fox.


Every pup wants to look their best, so regular grooming is key. With thousands of products out there, make sure to get the right one that’s suitable for your pup’s coat. Got a pup with short fur? A standard bristle brush is fine. If your dog has long, flowing locks, you made need something a little more substantial, like this double sided option.


A pup needs at least two bowls - one for food and one for water. There are lots of options out there, but as long as both are big enough, it’ll be fine. Tip: get one with a rubber bottom to stop your pup accidentally pushing it around the floor, like this.

Coats and Jumpers

If you’re getting your dog in winter, or they have very short fur (or you just want them to look ADORABLE), a little coat / jumper is advised. There are lots of super practical versions like this waterproof, mud-proof, fleece lined and washable coat, or you can go down the just as practical route with this puppy sailor dress. Either way, just remember; a dry, warm puppy = a happy puppy.

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That’s all for now, pups. We’re not saying there’s PLENTY more you’re going to need for your new BFF (best furry friend), but this is a good starter for ten. For anything else you may need, be sure to check out petshop.co.uk - a nationwide home delivery service for pet supplies. They are a young company with a team of friendly, helpful staff dedicated to saving you time and money.

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