January Breed of the Month - Labrador
Just for fun26 January 2018January Breed of the Month - Labrador

January Breed of the Month - Labrador

Each month we will showcase a “Breed of the Month” with some fun facts, stats and photos. What better way to kick off the series than to appreciate one of the UK’s favourite breeds and the most popular breed on BorrowMyDoggy, Labradors! Enjoy!

Did you know?

  • Labradors have webbed toes and therefore are great swimmers. It also helps in colder climates, by preventing snow collecting between their toes.
  • They are rather fast and can reach a speed of 12 mph in just three seconds.
  • Regardless of their parents colour a single litter can include black, yellow and chocolate pups.
  • In Sunol, California a Labrador called Bosco was honorary mayor for over 10 years!
  • There are over 18,000 Labradors signed up on BorrowMyDoggy
  • Chocolate Labradors became popular in the 30’s.
  • Over 509,000 Labradors were registered and chipped in the past decade.

Labradors are a favourite choice for families due to their social and good natured behaviour. They need minimal grooming, they are eager to please and relatively easy to train. They are also a popular choice for working dogs, not only for hunting and tracking but for assistance and caring.

Here are some of our Labradors members:

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