8 top tips for keeping your dog safe at the seaside
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8 top tips for keeping your dog safe at the seaside

There is no better way to enjoy the warm summer weather than a trip to the seaside. Humans love it and so do our dogs. But did you know there can be some hazards for your pup at the beach? Not to worry though, we have pulled together a few top tips to help you and your furry friend have a fun and safe time at the beach.

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Dog friendly beaches

Sadly not all beaches are dog friendly, so make sure you don’t step on any toes or paws by taking your dog, borrowed or owned, to a beach where pooches aren’t welcome. You can double check this with the local council and most beaches are clearly signposted with this information.

Watch what they drink

Ensure your dog always has access to fresh water. While some dogs love to drink sea water, it isn’t good for them, so try to limit them where you can and always offer fresh water instead. Trying packing a collapsible water dish which are great for the transporting and the seaside.

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Stay cool and protected

We can easily spend the whole day at the seaside however make sure that your dog has a shaded area for restbite. Additionally dogs can burn too, particularly if they have short hair or light skin or fur, so you may want to invest in some doggy sunscreen (yes, it’s a real thing!).

Watch those paws

Keep an eye on where your pup is treading, there can be broken glass, sharp rocks, coral, and rubbish lying around. Make sure they don’t eat anything they shouldn’t either!

Just keep swimming

It may go without saying but before heading straight for the sea make sure you know your dog’s swimming abilities and don’t assume they’ll be an automatic swimmer. Why not head in with them to splash around first, and stay clear of busier areas in the water. If you’re concerned you can always purchase a doggy life vest or buoyancy aids.

Wash down

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To keep your pup clean rinse their coat to get rid of any sand, salt or any other beachy germs before or just before arriving home, it will help keep your home and car clean too!

Don’t leave a mess

Keep your human and dog waste to a minimum and make sure your throw your rubbish and dog mess away. A clean beach is a fun beach.

There you have it, have a pawsome time at the beach friends - why not share your seaside photos with us on Instagram using the hashtag #BorrowMyDoggy, we always love seeing your photos!

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