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Two women sit on a park bench, smiling. Sitting on the ground between them is a large dog with a thick white, black and tan coat.

Beezus, Annie and Charlotte

Student Charlotte joined BorrowMyDoggy whilst at university in Bristol and began borrowing Beezus the Bernese Mountain Dog. After finishing her course, she moved to continue her veterinary training in London, where Beezus and her owner, Annie, had also moved! Charlotte shares how “meeting Beezus and Annie definitely helped me get through my last year at university and my finals. Beezus is so happy all the time that she lifts your spirit immediately.”

For owner Annie, BorrowMyDoggy has had a very positive impact on her dog, Beezus. As she shares, “it’s really good for her to be able to go out with other people and feel comfortable and have other experiences. She seems so happy.”

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