3 Dogs Trust Tips for a Healthy and Happy Dog

We believe all dogs deserve the best life possible, so here are three tips to keep your dog healthy and happy.


Beagle in a field

If you want a happy and friendly dog that you can take anywhere and meet anyone, then early socialisation is the key. Gradually introduce your dog to a wide variety of people, children and animals so they can confidently make new friends.

Also, allow your dog to sniff out new experiences and places. From learning new sights and sounds to traveling in cars, trains and buses, a comfortable dog is a relaxed dog.


Dog in a living room

Dogs love praise, attention, and of course, treats, so being committed and consistent with your training will lead to a happier, better behaved dog.

Training sessions should be fun and short enough so your dog doesn’t get bored. Use rewards to help your dog link good behaviour with something nice. This encourages them to behave well again and again.


Dog relaxing in a field

If dogs don’t have enough to occupy themselves, they may get bored, so use games or toys when you take your dog for walks, to provide extra exercise and distraction.

If your dog is really energetic you can also look for activity clubs in your area and try out agility, flyball or obedience training to make full use of that pawsome mental and physical energy.

Put these tips into action and let us know if it helped your dog, owned or borrowed.

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