How to clean your dog's ears

It’s a question many dog owners can likely relate to - how to properly clean your dog’s ears? Proper ear care is essential for your dog’s health and our friends over at White Cross Vets have shared these tips on how to make the process as easy as possible.

  • Start with a good belly rub and some treats - it needs to be a fun experience for your dog
  • Whilst someone is holding your dog’s head still, use an ear cleaning product specifically for dogs and squirt a small amount into the ear
  • Massage the solution into the ear - you should hear a squelching sound
  • Use some cotton wool to wipe away any excess solution
  • Let your dog shake their head - this will also remove any excess solution and prevent it from tickling them
  • You should check your dog’s ears weekly for irritation, redness, dirt or waxy build-up and call your vet immediately if you notice swelling, inflammation, off-colour discharge or signs of pain.

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