How to teach your dog not to snatch food from your hand
A cute, white fluffy dog is sat patiently focused on the blueberry their human is holding out in front of them.

How to teach your dog not to snatch food from your hand

7 March 2017

Do you want to teach your dog not to snatch food from your hand? Watch this Hound Hack training tip to see how!

  • Many dogs that have learned not to bite while playing still get so excited by food that they’ll snatch and nibble at your fingers.
  • To correct this, show your dog that you have a treat in your hand and then close your fist.
  • As long as you're safe to do so, touch your fist to your dog’s nose and say “leave it”.
  • If your pup pokes or paws at you, back off until they settle.
  • Reward this with a treat from your other hand and the word “good”.
  • Then touch your treat filled fist to your dog’s nose again.
  • If they go for your fist, back up until they stop and then reward them with a treat from your other hand.
  • Repeat this routine until they back off on their own when you present your fist.
  • Make sure to always reward them from the other hand and continue to use the words “leave it” and “good”.
  • Your dog should catch on soon enough.
  • Then repeat with an open palm.
  • When you can hold your open hand in front of your dog without them touching the treat, slowly press your palm to your dog’s lips and switch to saying “take it” in a happy, upbeat way.

This article is for information only, and should never replace any advice, diagnosis or treatment from your veterinary surgeon or canine behaviourist. Always contact your local vet or out of hours vet without delay if you have any concerns about your dog or their behaviour.

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