Great Places to Walk Your Dog in Birmingham

Five great places in Birmingham to take your dog for a walk

Irish Terrier on a walk playing with a tennis ball

Walking our furry friends is such an important part of dog ownership. If you’re borrowing a dog, you might not know the best places to go, so we hope to inspire you with these five local wagtastic walking spots for you and your doggy, borrowed or owned, in Birmingham.

Waseley Hills Country Park

"Dog Walks in Waseley Hills Country Park by michael warren licensed under CC BY 2.0"

This popular and large (150 acres) country park and local nature reserve has great views of Worcestershire in the west and Birmingham to the east. Whether you’re looking for a long ramble or a short walk, there are lots of different trails for you and your dog to explore at Waseley Hills Country Park.

The Windmill Cafe, situated within a 17th century barn at Waseley Hills Country Park, is a great place to stop for a refreshment, with outdoor seating so you can take the dog too. There are several play and picnic areas so if the weather is good, a picnic with your pooch would be the perfect day out.

Plan your dog walk to Waseley Hills Country Park here.

Cannon Hill Park

"Dog Walks in Cannon Hill Park by Elliott Brown licensed under CC BY 2.0"

Described by the council as the city’s “premier park”, Cannon Hill Park is situated less than two miles from the city centre and packed full of fun stuff for both you and your dog. There are both 2km and 5km routes that you can follow, depending on how long a walk you want and large open grassy areas which are prime fetch locations.

The Park also has its own Tree Walk that starts at The Garden Tea room and takes you on an educational and fascinating tour of the parks wide variety of trees. And you know what trees mean - squirrels to chase!

Plan your dog walk to Cannon Hill Park here.

Sheldon Country Park

"Dog Walks in Sheldon Country Park by Elliott Brown licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0"

Over 300 acres of open grassland, wetlands, old hedgerows and mature woodland make up Sheldon Country Park on the edge of Birmingham city. A fully restored 17th Century dairy farm is at the main entrance to the park. It’s home to Jersey cattle, pigs, goats, ponies, ducks, chickens and geese.

As with Cannon Hill Park, there are designated 2km and 5km walking routes that you and your pooch can follow, as well as lots of open space for tennis ball throwing and games of chase. The Rectory Tea Room in the park is open all year round and has a lovely lawn in front of it that’s perfect for picnics.

Plan your dog walk to Sheldon Country Park here.

Sutton Park

"Dog Walks in Sutton Park by Andrew Callow licensed under CC BY 2.0"

Birmingham City Council describes it as “a sense of wilderness within an urban environment” so if you and your dog are looking to escape the city then head north to Sutton Park. This vast park covers over 2,000 acres and is one of the largest urban parks in Europe with over 2 million visitors each year.

The park has seven lakes within it and is considered an important wildlife and conservation site. There is a large network of paths within the park that are closed off to traffic so you and your furry friend can enjoy the breathtaking surroundings in peace and quiet.

Plan your dog walk to Sutton Park here.

Woodgate Valley Country Park

"Dog Walks in Woodgate Valley Country Park by Tony Hisgett licensed under CC BY 2.0"

Woodgate Valley Country Park is full of rural character, which isn’t surprising as it was once a patchwork of farms and smallholdings. It’s home to the Woodgate Valley Urban Farm and it is a wonderful place to go for a walk with your doggy pal to observe wildlife and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Woodgate Valley has over 250 species of plants and over 80 species of birds have also been recorded in the park so it’s a hub of wildlife activity. A trip to Woodgate Valley Country Park will take you and your pooch back to nature!

Plan your dog walk to Woodgate Valley Country Park here.

High paws and thanks to our pawsome pals at Walkiees for their contribution. We hope you’re as excited about your next dog walk as we are.

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