Spoopy and his borrower Alexandra

"I've just come back from a two hour trek with my adorable borrowed dog, Spoopy, along the canal. It is the best feeling to walk side-by-side with a pup that I've seen grow up - he's almost a year old now! I've been off work since November 2016, and when I matched with Spoopy in January it gave me a massive boost; he's always so excited to see me and it feels amazing! He lives just one road down from me so it's a perfect match for me and him. If Nina is stuck at work, all she has to do is drop me a text and I can easily collect him. It's been a real privilege to help him develop into a more mature dog - of course he's a teenager AND a terrier so there's a wild side just under the surface... at the moment his favourite hobby is chasing the acorns that are falling from the trees!" Spoopy's borrower, Alexandra

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