Roxy and her owner Samantha

“I joined BorrowMyDoggy when I rescued Roxy. She had massive separation anxiety and a fear of being left alone. Thanks to BorrowMyDoggy, I met a wonderful woman who could look after Roxy while I was at work. This has meant that I could follow a training plan with Roxy at her own pace, only leaving her alone for small periods of time at first and building up to longer stretches when she was ready. Roxy has benefitted massively and can now spend certain periods of time on her own completely settled. She is more relaxed and happier than ever, and I know she absolutely loves spending time with her borrower - she gets really excited in the car when we pull up to her house! Roxy still sees her borrower, but it is now because of how much she loves spending time there, rather than it being her fear of being alone. I cannot thank BorrowMyDoggy enough for being a community of dog lovers there to help Roxy and I when we needed it the most.” - Roxy’s owner, Samantha, from Doncaster.

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