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A black and white French Bulldog stands on grass, looking up at the camera

Mr B and his borrower Jess

20 March 2018

"Looking after Mr. B is great practice for when I eventually get a dog of my own. Animals have always been a very important part of my life, so when I moved to London and my circumstances meant I couldn't own a dog of my own, I joined BorrowMyDoggy. One of the dogs I borrow is the handsome Mr B. He often comes for sleepovers at the weekend and my fiancé and I will take him out for brunch on Sunday. After a hectic week at work, having Mr B around is so calming and therapeutic - just knowing his adorable face is there waiting for cuddles is so nice. He is a joy to look after and always seems so comfortable with me, falling asleep in the silliest of positions! What's more, having Mr B around adds structure to my weekends and gets me out and about and being active! His owners, Yumiko and Andy, are just so welcoming and friendly, so I really enjoy being able to help them out when I can. For me, the biggest surprise in joining is seeing just how friendly and lovely the BorrowMyDoggy owners are - they are so willing to share their special canine-friends with others who aren't able to own a dog just yet." Mr B's borrower, Jess, London.

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